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24 September 2014
Dance X

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Marcquelle Ward


video Introducing Marcquelle - find out what Arlene and Bruno really think.

video Marcquelle's Audition Dance

video Marcquelle's Audition Song

video Marcquelle: Reveals unlikely introduction to dancing

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23 year old Marcquelle lives alone, having recently flown the nest and moved out of his mother's house in Manchester. But his mum Angella's always the first person he's on the phone to. Indeed, his mum was initially cross with Marcquelle as he was supposed to take her shopping on the day of his audition!

Marcquelle says that his mum always helps keep his feet on the ground but she is also prone to bragging about her son on the phone to her friends! She always told him to have a back-up plan in-case his desire to work in entertainment failed, and he has a degree in Business Finance as his 'fallback'.

Marcquelle has three sisters Marsh, Bhrianna and Ebony. Marcquelle's single, but doesn't hide from the fact he's popular with women.

Marcquelle's always wanted to be in entertainment and recently has been working as a model for JD sports. He's also a keen basketball player and has done some promos for Nike and won numerous basketball competitions. He's also worked as a sales assistant and in a bar. But entertaining is the only thing he's ever wanted to do.

He first began dancing two years ago to impress a girl (and it worked!). Marcquelle has a large range of dancing experience including performances at Party In The Park, Notting Hill Carnival and even a Geri Halliwell concert at G.A.Y. However, he's never won a dance competition in his life, and is desperate to make Dance X his first.

Your comments

How do you think Marcquelle will get on in the competition? Use the form below to send us your comment and we'll publish the best ones on this page.

Marquelle your an amazing dancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and you have da looksss!!! GOOD LUCK

Marquelle,Your dancing is gr8, your singing is like an angel's and i hope you do well in the finel!!Love u!!

i think marcquelle is great i think he is amazing when i see him dance on the show i want him to win.

Great! I love Marquelle! I was liking the afro last Saturday!

Marquelle, Marquelle!!! plz do one thing boo n jus carry on dancin n singin. U can sing 2 me all dayyy!!! U r absoulutely georgeous 2!

Marquelle has got so much talent and I hope he goes all the way to the top.BTW - was I seeing things or is Marquelle on the Diamond car insurance ad?

natasha julien
hey marguelle u gotta win it!!!!!!! u're a mint dancer come on wer'e rootin 4 ya haha Go mar! Go mar! Go mar! Go! Go! good luck xxxxxxxxxxx

Marquelle is MAGIC is Talent is something that you can't develop just assist and refine.What a born entertainer it will be a Crime if Team Bruno do not WIN in next weeks final as Marquelle and Pheonix work so well together, superb image!

Marquelle is gonna do great in the Dance X and in the future. He has great talent and he is incredibly good looking. He rocked today, and I loved the hair! Love ya Marcquelle. XxxxxxX

Hey hey! No way is Marcquelle for real - he is just way to cool! He dances like I've never seen before. Absolutely amazing. But I'm not gonna go on 'cause I don't want him to get big headed... ;) Love you and your beautiful hair. xx

I'm living across the Channel (I am Dutch), but this show has got me hooked! The dancers are all awesome, but Marquelle is my favorite. Bruno had it right: Marquelle is incredibly charismatic. Whenever he dances one cannot take one's eyes off him. He just shines.

I think you are a Great Dancer. Keep it up and be Focused. I asure you that you would get through Successfully.

Marcquelle you are obviously a great person. You deserve this and more, and it will all come to you!!

La Morena
Keep your eyes on the prize. This is the start of you realising your potential. Always aim high - because you are the best. Wishihg you success. Peace 'n' Hairgrease!

Beckii Booh
Marcquelle when you take the floor you can't help but watch you especially when you and phoenix dance with each other. At last Bruno's team has won and your gonna win all the way keep it up boys! xxx

get in marquel your dancing is out of this world and your singing is gr8. you can wipe the floor with daniel with your moves and vocals, all he does is do a flip and rap wooop deeee dooo.... go team bruno !!!!!

He's such a swwetheart. I met him today in Paddington and he looked visibly shocked to be recognised!you a star sweetie! goodluck!

Marquelle, were you one of the dancers in freeloaders video for 'so much love to give'?

Wow, couldn't believe it when I heard, always knew u would go far. Proud of u! GOOD LUCK!!!

You are one of the reasons I watch every week. Very amiable, good spirit. You got it going.

Sylvia Turner
Marcquelle you truly are a born entertainer and a talented star, you were my favourite from the moment i saw you in bump and grind, you captivated my heart, i know you have the determination to make it as a dancer, i always see the dedication in you every week, Marcquelle you are the gem of the show and YOU WILL WIN.

Yea marcquelle mint dancer, singer and teacher, wish him all the best, good luck bro maybe ull b back at sunshine to teach the class in september lol? good luck anyway mate

Tamar (DanceX)
I thought you did well last week! (Show 3 Latin night) You may have been out of your comfort zone but you rose to the challenge!

Halima and Savannah
hi marquelle u spock to us on saturday night after the show and we just wanted to say that we will be there this saturday and kep up he good dancing coz ur excerlent oh and thanks 4 the artagraph!

Wow he is brill n he is fit aswell him and rana r easily de best dancers in brunos team..i cnt tke my eyes off marquelle when he is dancin wooo x

I think he will go far because bruno cant afford to loose someone with great dancing skills ! GO GO GO !

Sarah & Camille
Good luck Marquelle!! We used to love watching you dance in Cardiff in Jumpin Jacks!! Hope you go all the way!!xxxxxxx

Charlotte ,, x
Woop Woop Here Is Marcquelle The Most Talented Dancer I ave Eva Seen x Marcquelle Teaches Me !!!!! :):):) We All Love Him And Hope He Comes 2 See Us Agen xx Hope You Win x

OMG..Talk about Hot. Hes gonna win. =] Good Luck xxx

I thought you were brilliant last weekend. The best dancing I've seen from you so far. I love the way your an all-round entertainer as well as a dancer... I think that is so important.Can't wait to watch you again this weekend.You have a great 'warmth'.Tamar x (Dance X)

How the hell do you get up on your toes it looks like moon walking or something?

Laura Walker
I just want to wish Marcquelle luck with the competition, I met him when I was working on the Manchester round of auditions and actually had to call him to see where he was!!! He is as lovely as he seems!!! Good luck sweetie, I hope you go all the way in the competition! Get in touch soon xxx

I was in Marquelle's Business class at college in Manchester and from then, I knew he'd go far. We were never short of entertainment in class with Marquelle always jazzin up the lesson... Marquelle, I wish you all the best on Dance X, you deserve to win hun....Kelly xx

Luke Peacock
OH MY GOD! You are the best male dancer in this competition and your feet are so firmly on the ground all the best!

well wat can i say marcquelle is agr8 performer i perfom at sum of the shows he does with my dance crew in manchester and i must say im glad 2 see him movin forward and gettin a chance 2 do wat he is passionate about x gd luck hun xx ohh and he is gorgeous tooo lol xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hayley Hollyoaks extra!
met marquelle at hollyoaks was an extra with him he is wicked!! he sang for us all when we were very bored in washed up he is a very talented chap best a luck dude not that ya'll need it x x x

I think he is a great dancer and I think he should win the compotition he teaches me street dancing in Monton on Friday So VOTE for him NOW GET IT HE NEED TO WIN HE IS FANTASTIC !!!!!!! WITH A CAPITAL FXXXxxxxxxoxoxoxoxoox

wow wow wow i don't have enough words to express what i think marq is prop fit and dance an angel and the smile is just fit keep it going sexy

Anthony, Leeds
Amazing talent! mezmarising! mind blowing moves and i wish i could do half the things you do. I break 2 you but man you are on another level! all the best...

I pop n lock and have always wanted to be part of something. i unfortunately never got the opportunity to show my flair and talent. After seeing you on the show it is amazing how talented you are and have inspired me to give it another go. So if YOU doesnt make it, they're mad!! good luck bro, this competition is yours...

ur fab marcquelle! ur gorgeous and extremely talented in both singing and of course dancing, i know ur gona go far in this comp and 4 da rest of ur life in this career as a performer! MWAH! XX

been a fan of his since i saw him on the Diamond Car insurance advert (see how much i love u b!) u are beautiful, smart n soo sexy wouldnt mind hooking up wid u afterwards love! good luck baby xxxx

I think Marquelle will win. He is a great dancer. He needs to stay in Dancex. He is stunning and has fantastic moves. GOOD LUCK!!

Man,You are crazy!!! I loved you performance and your carisma and your eyes are very expressive!! I remenber when we were in the re-call audition and you came to our rooms ...Moving!!!Good Luck!!!!

New favourite - what a star!!

Fab moves , natural talent , great style , very strong dancer.He could go all the way .Keep up the good work!!!

Rilez Herts
Marquelle is well amazing he is my favourite,and arlenes teenage daughter got it wrong.If you wanna win some hearts Marquelle is the way to do it,best of luck even though your so amazing you dont need it bl x

Alex from Bolton
You are a dancing god! Like Michael Jackson when he was in his prime. Defo deserve to go all the way.

longsight's behind you all the way marcquelle - good luck x

He has won a dance competition, i seen him in LoveTrain 2 maybe 3 yrs back win the dance comp there, he was good then, awesome tonight tho.

great at dancing, nice character and a sexy face! wot more do u need? i hope u go far!

I've seen marquelle dance in the flesh...and he's just as good as he is on tv!Keep doing what you do best marquelle! Your very talented!!!

We met him @ Butlins in February, hes fab.. will def b rooting for Marcquelle! x

Hayley Kennedy
I went to college with Marquelle and he has always been highly talented!! He seems to get better every time I see him turn his hand to something. I hope that he goes far as he deserves it!!

Absolutely fantstic!his face isnt too bad either!!!try not to watch these shows as i get hooked,now im gna have to stay in every sat 2watch it!

I think Marcquelle is great. I met him at the Sky Festival in Manchester last year where he taught us a dance. He was great and deserves to win!!!

Marcquelle's boy here, just a few words, make sure u stay grounded because you've wanted this for so long, make yourself prou. Whatsoever the outcome will be your a star regardless bro, all da best. spk soon

out of all de guys marquelles is my favourite he is so fit he can do de moves and he can sing and i kno hes gonna win he better win cause hes the best. xxx

ha he started dancing to impress a sure it worked!..x

i think marquelle is very fit he's just perfecto

John Ledward
Your a great dancer, really amazing work done by you I'm really impressed. Your a cool and great character, lovely personality and hopefully you should just as much show your professionalism in dance project that great personality and take ownership of the stage when you dance solely. Believe me your going to do really well and your always loved and admired.

alex kay
i du urban danceing wid marcquelle in monton performing arts and he is da best dancer ive ever seen in is life if he dosnt win it a dont no hu will

debra hopkinson
good luck love you sweety

he is talented u need to let him stay

Kerry Virgo
I think Maruelle will get on brilliant in this comp!! My daughtger danni thinks hes brill as he has been a judge at her UDO dance comps!! and always smiles at her and votes hopefully lol! hope you go all the way Marquelle

xox 2 Black Females xox
We believe that Marquelle is the most amazing thing since sliced bread!

hay Marquelle well done lol we were all watching you this weekend lol knew you would make it through whoooooooo!

dave aka slim shady
keep it real man u got the moves lol and i no u do it mate gud look be watch u allway mate.

Ive Met Marquelle. He Judged Some Competitions For Tha UDO.. I Have Loads Of Pics With Him. He Is A Complete Darling And So Skilled And I Want Him To Do So Well! He Has My Support! x

Tess, Wales
I Love Marquelle He's My Favourite! Not Only Can He Dance AND Sing, But He's Gorgeous Too! Good Luck, Marquelle! I'm Behind You All The Way!

marcquelle taught me dance for a few months but he has now gone 2 film dance he better win. luv u marcquelle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I think Marquelle is gonna do just fine as he is gorgeous and boi can he move.. Stunning, in every way !!

Good Luck Marquelles, I met you at the Lay Your Hands VIdeo Shoot for Simon, you are very talente,good luck.

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