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28 October 2014
Dance X

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Jamie Meek


video Introducing Jamie - find out what Arlene and Bruno really think.

video Jamie's Audition Dance

video Jamie: Gets through despite poor time keeping


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27 year old Jamie left his family home in Birmingham at the age of 12 to move to Liverpool to join the Elliot Clark Performing Arts School in the city. "It was really difficult leaving home at that age, but I knew that that was what I wanted to do. I lived with a family in Liverpool during this period of my life and it was very difficult because the family were very different to my own and the first year was particularly hard for me."

He persevered though and then when he was 16, moved to Coventry where he started a three year course in performing arts and succeeded with flying colours. After college, Jamie joined a boy band called Jump the Lights. "The band only lasted about six months and I never actually got to do any singing, the music was so cheesy and I think that they only wanted me because I could dance. It soon fizzled out and I really felt like I had wasted my time."

Jamie's mum says "as a child, Jamie was so full of energy that he used to do cartwheels down the supermarket aisles." She decided to take him along to her keep fit classes to help him burn off some of that energy. It was here that a dance teacher noticed his potential and introduced him to dance lessons. From an early age Jamie was winning dance titles such as 'Disco Kid UK', 'Mediterranean Champion' and 'World Champion'.

Jamie only auditioned for DanceX because his friend wanted to apply but didn't want to go to the audition by herself. So Jamie came along too and decided to give it a go.

Jamie's recent work has included a two year world tour with a dance show called 'Spirit Of The Dance'.

Your comments

How do you think Jamie will get on in the competition? Use the form below to send us your comment and we'll publish the best ones on this page.

Jamie, Arlene said you had technique, and she was right. You were technically the best dancer, and you had charisma, too. Your style just didn't fit with the others, and they're looking for a group, which is fair enough. Keep at it, though - you're a great dancer and you will get work. Good luck, Jamie - I really enjoyed watching you.

amelia jade
you are a wicked dancer and i think that you didn't deserveto be kicked out of dane x

dave smith/jo sherry
nice to see yo doing so well,gymnastics looking good,so i didn't teach you that bad at all.remember racheal? trio's partner with juliet.

you have the look and talent .you should have got through.

I thought he was fantastic singer and dancer and should nt of gone!!

julia Mansfield
good luck you all vote for jaime !!!!!!!

jamie - jens mate
hi m8ey , wish u all the best , we all know u work really hard at what you do - you deserve it m8 - good luck!!!

Lionel Baker
Good luck to Jamie, I used to be able to dance a bit when I was in Montserrat, but now I just chill.

coral - jamies cousin
just want to wish you all the best for the first live show on saturday, you can do it we are all right behind you. you will be great! just have fun and do your thing, we are all so proud of you for getting this far you deserve it. Vote for jamie guys!!!!!! x x x

jenny simonds / natalie
Good luck Jay its about time u got on somethink! lol

Shelly (13)
He looks boring. What happened to Taymer?

John Ledward
Jamie your a great looking guy, you have everything going for you with this programme, hope you do really well and you deserve to, its lots of fun and you should have the best time of your life. Keep up the amazing work, your THE BEST! My family send you their love, your most loved and throughly enjoyed being watched and supported on Dance X.

Austin Wilks
I worked with jamie on numerous occasions, wicked dancer, great Friend, defiently deserves to do well.All the the best jamie.

Liz Giraffe
Hey Jamie!! Good luck you deserve this so much!! we'll all be routing for you up North... Give it some welly!! Love you lots xxxxxx

Josie (jamie's aunty)
Go for it Jamie, i think your great!! VOTE 4 JAMIE!! xx

Jess (Jamie's cousin)
Good luck cuz! i know you can do it. We are all behind you. Love u lots! VOTE JAMIE!!!!!!

Jenny simmons

Skinny Tommo
Good look kid - break a leg !!!

Jamie "beaver" Johnson
Good luck Jamie - i've known you for years and you just get better and better at what you do - were with you all the way mate !!!!!

Good luck Jamie, everyone from Marston Green CC are right behind you.

Gemma Block
I think he is gorge, and can't wait to see more of his dancing!

Jamie's Mom
I think he will do very well because he is passionate about what he does and hard worker. He will give it his best shot. All vote for Jamie!!!

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