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24 September 2014
Dance X

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Daniel Uppal


video Introducing Daniel - find out what Arlene and Bruno really think.

video Daniel's Audition Dance

video Daniel: Dances like the devil in audition


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Nineteen year old Daniel hails from Coventry but currently lives at college in Cambridge in a house with nine other dancers. Back in Coventry, Daniel lives with his mother, father and little sister. He's also very close to both his aunt and uncle and has seven close cousins that he sees at least once a week. All his family, despite some initial scepticism from his father, are huge supporters of Daniel's desire to pursue a career in dance.

Daniel currently has two years left on his performing arts course at Bodywork in Cambridge. He's not currently working and confesses that he doesn't enjoy work when he does have to do it! Daniel has recently spilt up with his girlfriend.

Daniel began dancing four years ago when he saw a break-dancing crew and set his heart on joining them. In 2004 he won the under 18 UK Freestyle dance competition.

When he's not dancing, Daniel lists his interests as "girls and partying" and has no shame in telling people that he's successful in both these activities!

Cocky, confident and always with plenty to say Daniel auditioned for DanceX after a friend auditioned in Bristol and his mum forced him along to audition in London. It certainly paid off: Daniel has battled all the way to prove himself worthy of a place in the final.

Your comments

How do you think Daniel will get on in the competition? Use the form below to send us your comment and we'll publish the best ones on this page.

Hannah Entwistle
Looks great, sexy moves fantastic smilend ur the best dancer in the group thy could not live without u

jackie and kasi
this guys is brilliant he eats and breathes dancing he has so much passion and is so much fun go for it daniel we know you can do it.

Lara (18)
Daniel is da best there by far! Great at the singin + dancing nd he's really sexy! :)every1 in ma family is backing him all the way!I just totally love him!team arlene 2 win!!xoxoxo

Tamar (DanceX)
Gutted Kalvin went, for your sake too.Stay strong sweetieTay x

ive been watchin Dance x every week and think ur wicked.ur very lucky to b living ur dream wit da support of ur family, ur a great role model. keep up the gud work an keep smiling ur gorgous.make us asains proud xxx

Daniel your a legend you bring fun to the show your amazing team Arelene would'nt be the same with out you team Arelene to win! x

daniel u r some mover with your body and shud go on to win this u can dance u can sing your charasmatic as well! GO DANIEL U R THE BEST U CAN WIN IT! and congratulations for reaching the finals

By far daniel you have the most talent in this competition, i have been behind you 100% since i saw your first audition! Go team Arlene, even if they dont win Daniel will come out of this with some great oppertunities!

I've no idea what the rest of Arlene's group are like because I still haven't been able to take my eyes off your amazing dancing yet!! Athletic, mesmeric, well done Dan. Good luck!

Hi Daniel, I've seen you perform on Dance X and I think you're amazing! You've got a great personality to match! I love dancing myself so it's really entertaining to watch. Good Luck! X

naz..(from cov)
lisun up ye daniel is a great dancer n rapper n he WILL WIN no doubt bout dat uve got coventry supporting u all da way dont giv up da hard work nuff luv ..x..naz..x..

Richard Taylor
I think you are the best dancer in the oompetition and have the most appealing personality. You are cleary a hugh asset to the team and very clearly demonstrate determination to succeed.

After watching daniel perform his great moves, i think he's a natural, his strenghth and determination to want something so bad is so visible. He gets this from his FAMILY they are great believers in going after your dream which daniel is certainly doing. Good luck in the coming weeks from your fans here in CANADA we love

Goldigga, Wolves, 15
Daniel, gr8 dancer, pure buff, wkd style, DANIEL 2 WIN !!!!

Loving everything about this guy! He is absoloutly fantastic! He can sing, dance, ot the lookes, personality, the total package!! Daniel 2 Win, backing him all the wayy!! Gd luck!

Alex Riccio
Oh my god!! why doesn't he dance like this when he teaches us at bodyworks?.. Daniel is an amazing dancer and i couldn't believe it when i saw him on television! Go on DANIEL you deserve to win!!xx

Ruth an exdancer
daniel is fit, true. but you would hardly call him a dancer. i do not think he can sing either. he would be more suited to a circus, i find his flips boring.

Daniel would be more suited to a hip/hop or break-dancing group

i love you ur dancing is amazing plz get with ashley u make such a nice couple

sam + shez
he is a really good dancer and he sud have been wid phoenix and marcquelle cause thee wud all luk reali reali gd together. he got the attitude that keeps you watchin hes fun. but stil BRUNOS TEAMS 2 WIN!!!

hey daniel.. saw u in cambridge 2day shopping around... me n my friend spoke to u, called out to u as u were comin out of office. wish we asked for a picture, but we were too shy. bt ur doing great keep it up. wish u the best of luck x

wow ur like the BEST dancer there!!! i watch the show just 2 c ur amazing flips and them eye boggling dance moves!!! i hope u win it cos u deserve itcos u r a talented dancer!!!! wel i cant leave a comment without saying how HOT U R cos ur soooooooo FIT!!!! BUFFNESS!!!

Looks great, sexy moves fantastic smile good luck

right when dance x was first here u shone like a shooting star and i was like yep thats who there looking for thats wat they want u deserv to win xxx

Layla Que
i think that you're great dancer and entertainer. i enjoy watching DanceX because i love seeing you perform and to see the sight of your personality, you're funny, good company, lively, energetic and enthusiatic person as well as good looking. keep it upppp!!!

Siddra Iqbal
well all i wanna say is that big up to daniel,were all supporting him from coventry, Make coventry proud and im just so proud that he used to go to my school foxy

Kay & Nek
Your the best Daniel. Your gonna go ALL the way to the TOP . Keep up the fantastic moves you get us all moving in our seats and that smile is just sososos!!!!!!

keep up the good work, your doing really well, don't let your nerves get the better of you, i know you can do it.keep smiling :-)

Laura-Alicia summers
An amazing dancer and not a bad singer either but seriously stop with the rapping or whatever it is in the middle of every song its getting boring

Tess, Wales
omg hott or wat loli'd love 2 c u daniel nd marcquelle in a dance off, imagine the energy!obviously that wont appen cuz they're both so gwd but wow lyk u no wat i'm sayin =p x x x

This boi is bringing sexy back to a whole new level look at how he excites everbody,hes got some serious talent and it all seems like a second nature to him, hes very flexible and a true team player, this lad is gona make it far, keep up the hard work althogh when you love something you give it your best, which im certain he will, big up C.O.V putting us back on the map!!!!!!!!

Heather Smith
oh my god how amazin is daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes stole my heart,an absolutely outstanding dancer with drive, talent, and VERY good looks! best of look xXxXxXxXxXxXx

Daniel is so amazin..boy keep it up..ur so sexy too, im behind you

f and n
u r the greatist dancer there . u can thrash Emanuel on dance and looks

when is daniel going to actually sing? all he has done so far is rap, that's taking the easy way out.

Eeeeeeeeeasy Dan been watching you go for it and u have given it your all which is why I believe you will go all the way - and I agree with all who say you r the best - I have and always will be proud of you x

I think you can do it Daniel, the way you dance is amazing. You're gonna go really far if you keep up the good work.Best Wishes, Good Luck!! Jamie

I'm so proud of you, u light up stage, you have style, looks, to me you are unique, u ave a heart of gold, go and follow your dream, the whole nation is rooting for you, if you don't make it now sweety, I have every faith in you, that ur gonna make it one day, this could be sooner then you think... Do your thing Coventry is behind you all the way. You look like an angel now dance like a devil. xxxxxxx


I absolutely love Daniel, He is so warm and humble and he definitely a born entertainer. I love the fact that he is getting better each week! I'm routing for Daniel!!

Hey Daniel! good luck, hope u go all the way!!! your sooo lush, sexy, fit, gorgeous and HOTTT!!! the way you move BLOWS MY MIND!!!! love ya loads! no other guy compares to u babe!!!! will be voting for you every week!!! x x x

He is definately my fave guy in the comp. Love watching him dance every week. Gives me goose Bumps!! And he is Cute...Too young for me but cute all the same!! xx

You're defenitly my favorite and I can do back ward flips like you can and I'm only 11!! TEAM ARLINE TO WIN!!!!

just wanna say that, this guy is a great dancer and excellent entertainer! and i am looking farward to seeing more of him. Go Daniallll!!!!

I think you are the bees knees absolutely awesome by far the best dancer - your rock XX

nicole uppal
dis is ure cusin hope u win ure a great danca and singer hope 2 see ya soon and knock all da gals dead gudluck xxnicole uppalxx


Wow i dnt even watch Dancex buh it looks like dis guys gt talent and has da ability 2 do nefin!!! hope he winz x

i really like daniel he is really cute and sexi and i think he should have a chance of winning

goodluck daniel you are very talented my littel girl thinks your wicked i bet your family are so proud of you

Charlie read
I think this guy is a really great singer he used to be a foghorn!

Flick (Bodywork)
AHHh keep going dan!!! Fingers Crossed!!Bodywork are thinking of u xxx

Ur a cheeky chappy. LOL. Rly full of energy, but lkz gd! Lykd da rappin in da song!


Daniel is such a great dancer and he's so sexy! I know this will sound sad but i only watch DanceX because he's on there! Good luck you'll do really well! x

Daniel your a great dancer and you are also HOT !!!!!!!! , babe good luck xxxx

Becky Hicks
Best dancer! I know you can go all the way Dan, you are awsome. I am behind you and rooting for your every move. Will vote for you from across the seas in france. Keep it up and hit em hard you stud!

omggg...this guy is too fittt!!!...biggin him up all the wayy...hpe he winz...u'll be hvin my vote every saturdayy.!!!!

martin cowell
I have seen some dancers in my time, this guy rocks the house. i think daniel, ife, rana, emanuel, and kalvin, should perform there own dance group.

Chris Jordan (Cjay)
omg daniel ur gr8 m8!! im a dancer too and wud luv 2 dance wiv u sumtym??lol. keep it up bbe, ur gonna go far, ur my winner!lol. gud luk love ya cjay xxxxxxxxxxxx

Well done Dan!!!u r doin really well ur wicked.keep up dat cheeky smile..every1 at Bodywork is votin for u!love u xx

cov supporter
I used 2 go 2 school with this guy! and we were both in dance class together with mrs huchings! knew from then he would go from strength to strength. amazing dancer then and now, doing cov proud!

Kayleigh (DanceDiva)
Hia Dan - I am a dancer myself, but you are something else!!! I can also tumble and do flicks - due to my gymnastcs, but no way as good as you! Ditto to what Arlene said - You look like an angel and dance like a devil!!! Everyone is saying that Emanuel is the hottest, but I have to disagree there - you are by FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You also have a great personality, you come across really really friendly and very funny! :) Hope to see more of you on TV with the dancing and I am right behind you with DanceX "Go Arlene's Team" :P XXX

Talented & HoT... marry me? PERFECTION xx

Wow!! Dan you're Like the Best Dancer ever!! You teach me and some mates at Bodywork and all of us are voting for you!! We soo hope you Win!! xx

Denzel from London
First time i watched dance x on saturday, this guy is a performer, entertainer, has charisma, style, is very confident, what a character this guy is, I'm sure he will go far!!!!

Dan you're doing really well. You've got heaps of talent and you'll go far. You're being put to the test but you can obviously handle your own! Well done dude! Keep it up...Lots of love x

Dan your dancin makes me speechless! This guy brings energy everywhere he goes and he's dun this since I can remember he makes it look so easy! He's worked so hard to be the dancer he is and deserves to win. Realli proud ov you...Much Love Nin xxx

Best dancer on the show this boy has got some talent go boy, you deserve to win you put so much energy into your moves you dance with so much passion go dan xxxxxx

Claudia (CK!)
Daniel Uppal! I am so proud of u, i'll be there every week biggin u up! See u saturday, keep it up patchie! love ya x

Bal & Del
Well done Daniel!! You have incredible talent and deserve to go all the have always been and still are an inspiration to our boys. Best wishes to you Daniel!!!

Tina & Bal
Congratulations Daniel for reaching the finals, you have done well. I know you have all the energy, passion, determination and good looks to succeed. Good luck. You have the support from Birmingham.

Hey dan, ur a very very good dancer have some talent runnin thor ur blood, show dem lads how its done n win it!!!!!!!!!Good Luck, will b rootin 4 u each saturday!!!!!!! Keepo up da good work!!!!!!! x

Melissa (girl at bodywork)
Dan, best performer ever u will win whatever. The bodywork crew r 2gether and me molz and eilish and jane all give u good luck!from melissa!

Jamila McLean
Daniel, you are by far one of the best dancers in the competition and you are soooo fit! Keep up the good work you will be very successful X

I think this guy is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT and he dances like magic. Hes got the looks and the moves so he deserves to win. GOOD LUCK!! XXXX

Bruv your heart is in the right place and i thjink that there are ONLY four guys who could get that golden opportunity and really make something of it. you are one of them and You really deserve it after watching your pationate and technical performances on TV. keep it up. Anthony

hey Daniel iheard about the competition, but actually watching you was adiiferent ball game all together. he really rocked the stage, his passion for dancing is overwhelming it really shows. I am an admirer here across the waters in beautiful Canada, we keep up to date with your energy and determination. Good luck on the next round of dance x from your friends in canada, soon the world will be watching you!!!!!!!

Laura from foxy
hey up daniel...cnt believe i'd actually see u on tele...if u remember foxy, we're all rootin for ya...feel priveledged to hav once performed wiv ya!!...ur neighbour bk home in cov ALL THE BEST!!!!

Rosh & Obzy
As 2 professional dancers...we are shocked at the talent...AND DANIEL you HAVEE IT!!! Rooting for you frm east n norf...KEEP IT REAL!!!

Year 6 Waterbeach School
Danny & his mates from Bodyworks came to our school a few weeks ago - they were brilliant. Go Danny. We love you.

Daniel you are a spark with drive, determination and dance flair - great mover!

Daniel isss sooooo fit...n a wiked dancer xx wooow

I think daniel is a great dancer and he is sexy and best looking on dance x

Cambridge and bodyworks is voting for you!:]xx

* gemma *
wow (best boy)i am a lover of dance and to find a male dancer like u with wonderfull talent is amazing i have watched and cheared u on all along and will continue to u r amazing do us dancers proud x x

Nay!!! (friend)
yes dan the man! your heavy babe. keep the audience going, you know how we and tha boys do in tha club! miss ya so much. love you long time xnayx

this is the frist time i"ved seen dance x and now i love it hope you do to!!

Corr Daniel is SO fit i hope he wins it he a gr8 dancer :P x

You looked HOT!

Ooooohhhh what ya gonna do!!! Well done Daniel soooo proud go for it! Maybe you can show your tapping skills off!! xx

My daughter loves your moves and she's only 7, to me you brought sexy back in a big way.

go daniel you rock.....when you win i want a rematch of our dance off....

Twinneeezz-Aaron & Amman
Go on dan u can do it, ur a great m8 and wiked dancer and we hope u go all the way.U got a fantastic personality and amazin determination and will be backin u all the way.U CAN DO IT...!!! p.s. dont forget us when your famous !!..twinzzz

dan knight (estonian connection)
if carlsberg made dancers dan would be one of them, probably the best dancer in the world!!!!!, i have seen this guy dance in birmingham when he was 16, he is way ahead of anyone in his era, a furious talent!! go on d boy...!

David Heir
Well done Daniel, You are a winner in my eyes already.. But please stop teaching your uncle any more moves.( wont mention his name, but you know who we are talking about] At his age he can break his hip. .

Sharon Nagra
Daniel has great talent and a fab personality. He deserves to win!Best of luck Daniel.

Sharon Nagra
I think Daniel is the best in the group, he certainly has a lot of talent and has a great personality. He deserves to win!! :-)

shaun - colchester
This guy won the under 18's freestyle dance competition in 2004 in Colchester, i watched him, Arlene is right, he dances like a devil, if he doesn't make it now in Dance X, he is gonna make it all the way one day, all the best matey.

raj from ireland
I seen this guy on Saturday show i was very impressed, can't wait to see more, he's very unique, has style, looks dedicated and is world class, you are a fantastic role model for young kids and the asian community, as an asian man i stand here proud and would like to say to you, go and follow your dream, i wish you every success, we will be voting for you every step of the way, good luck x

Mark Reid (5 star 4 life ziggy)
Hey buddy, remember what i told u earlier on the fone and u won't go wrong. all the best star. ring u later x

Cara (Mate)
All riteeeeeeeee mate!!! Keep the hard work up hun,everyone is proper proud of u at bodywork.miss ya xxxx

natasha Rodrigues
you know what i think ur da best dancer there . trust me there no compotition there daniel,

As im his neighbour, over the years ive spent alot of time with daniel and seen him perform and move,right from his first week dancing up till now in his national fame..i can tell you all one thing, this guy rocks !! his charm and personality, coupled with his awesome determination & talent will take him to the go on dan...DO IT!

WOW, what a dancer,i've seen alot of performers but daniel tops them all. I bet his FAMILY is very proud of him as i am too. You are an inspiration to all the young kids out there especially the asian community. keep it up, you are already a winner in my eyes. Remember CANADA loves you!!!!!

my friends know him from bodyworks! i hope he does really well :D

sabrina x
dis is guy is soooo fitt.. hez gawjus.. i lvv him n i hope he wins.. x

Natalie Fuller
I know he will do really well. He will be very successful and is amasin at wat he does. Keep strong Good Luck x

becky & tony from warwick
he is a very talented & cheeky young man.he will go far if he wants very badly,which he will do.we are very proud of him.fantastic moves. all our love becks & tony x

My whole family are supportin him i know he will win xxxx

This guy is the man!!! Hes got the whole package! If he aint what your lookin for, i dont know wot it is your after!!! He aint fake, he aint manufactured, and he can definatly dance!!! if he dont get in, i'l probably cry!

Ryan KitKat
He Will Win This EASILY. GO 4 IT DANIEL.

Natasha (TISH TASH!)
Go On Daniel. Win this 4 me x

Sharon Aujla
Hey! Ive Seen Daniel Dnce Loads And Hes Such A Good Dancer With Great Personality And Lots Of Confidence. With His Skills He Will Go Very Far And Hopefully Win The Show! =] X

Saggy K
Daniel will go ALLLLLL the Wayyyy xxxxxx

Daniel can move! He's TALENTED,GOOD LOOKING and CHEEKY - what a combination!!! Birmingham is routing for you - DANIEL to WIN!!!

Daniel: So very gracious, talented and passionate... This guy captivated me with his unique style and energy. A contestant so confident, yet so humble! I felt Daniel both earnt and deserved his place in the Dance X finals.

OMG!!!!this guy is amazing he blatatly has to win this, he can dance and kinda sing!lol sorry dan! but ur amazing i hope u win it, u seem like a great person!!!! gud luck! vote dan!!!!xxx

Lucinda Clark
Daniel is the best dancer in this competition.The whole of cambridge is voting for you...smash it baby!

Hope that this guy gos all the way im certainly backing him all the way hes got the moves and hes a LOOKER TOO!!! good luck!!!!

Believe me i have seen Daniel move and you have not seen nothing yet !!! ... We are proud of you dan xxx

Go Dan, we are very proud of you in London, Watchin you do ur thing.

ruth curzon
Daniel absolutly gives it 200%In all he does with dancing and is confident, socialable and is living the dream in Dance x his good looks and his great attitude to do his best every time ,will get him far you are just so cool

daniel is the best dancer i know and im sure he's going to win. i got faith in you bro, enuf luv from your family from London :)

Who is this guy and where can i find him?????? He rocked the joint, and wow he's hot, gorgeous. MY GOD YOUR ONE HELL OF A GUY WHO'S GONNA GO FAR. GOOD LUCK TO U. X

Bob & Hazel Edge
All of us have faith in you Dan, well impressed with your perfomance so far. Our votes are waiting for you, go dance your heart out !

Miss Bilson & Mrs Langlois (X Teachers)
Dan is a fantastic all round performer, Proud to see an ex pupil doing so well. Backing you all the way.Love from Foxford School xx

i think daniel will get on very well as he is quick with his moves. Goodluck

Roneil Callo
Safe Danny its roneil. Uncle charlie said that you started dancing at 4 years old. And there's a video to prove it :)

I think daniel is absoloutley blessed with talent and beauty. his cheekyness, dancing ability and sex appeal to me are the perfect recipie for a dance x finalist,Keep him in!!!

kaylea stanley
i think he will win it go on you know you can do it your family is benind you and so am i go for it you will win it.

GO dan he deserves 2 win

omg dis guy is jus sooo fit:| i hope he wins:):) xxx

Simon Khatkar
I have been hosting & judging dance competitions for many years now. I have never seen a dancer as proffessional and charasmatic as Daniel. I believe he will go far, not just in this particular competition but in this career that he obviously has a lot of passion for. Keep up the fantastic work Daniel and best of luck. Simon. Dance UK.

Alice Hale
I think this guy is a GREEEEEAAAAAAAAAAT dancer and will go VERY far...he is also very sexy and i personally think the best looking one there!!!

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