Everyday English
Lekce 21 - 25
Programme 21: Can you chase that up for me? (business English)


As we said in the meeting yesterday, we need to find a new ad agency for our marketing campaign. Can you chase that up for me Susan?
Sure, I'll call around a few agencies this morning.

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ad, advertising agency - reklamní agentura
marketing campaign - marketingová kampaň
to chase something up - vyřídit, jít za tím
to call around - obvolat

Programme 22: I've booked a court today.


I've booked a court today. Do you fancy a game of tennis?
That's a good idea. I really need to work on my serve.
Excellent. Let's meet at the court at 3.

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to book - zamluvit
Do you fancy? - Nemáš chuť?
to work on - procvičit
Let's meet. - Sejdeme se.

Programme 23: I didn't make training.


Henry, I'm sorry I didn't make training last night. I got stuck at work.
No problem. We've got an extra session this week, on Friday. Can you come?
Of course. I'll be there.

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I didn't make it. - Nestihl jsem to.
to get stuck at work - zdržet, zaseknout se v práci

Programme 24: Are you OK to talk? (phone)


Hello, Marketing.
Oh. Hi John, it's Vicky. Are you OK to talk?
Yes, of course. I thought you might call. Do you want to know about tomorrow's launch?
Yeah. I just wondered how it's all going.

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Are you ok to talk? - Můžeš mluvit?
I just wondered. - Zajímalo by mě.
How is it going? - Jak to jde?

Programme 25: We need 5 years' experience, minimum. (job recruitment)


I'm going to start advertising for that new marketing position soon. Do you have any thoughts?
Yes, I've been thinking about it quite a lot. It's a managerial role, so I think we need 5 years' experience, minimum.

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to advertise - inzerovat
position - místo
Do you have any thoughts? - Napadá tě něco?
experience - praxe
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