Everyday English
Lekce 1 - 5
Programme 1: How do you like your coffee


How do you like your coffee?
Have you got any decaf?
Yes I have. Milk?
Just a splash… and uh, two sugars please.

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two sugars - dvě lžičky/kostky cukru
just a splash - jenom trošku
Have you got any decaf? - Nemáte náhodou kávu bez kofeinu?

Programme 2: Are you into jazz?


Do you fancy going to hear some music sometime?
Yes, that would be really nice.
Are you into jazz?
I don't know really, but I'll give it a try.

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Do you fancy? - Máš chuť?
to be into - mít rád

Programme 3: Have you texted him?


Are we meeting up with Ben?
Yes, I'd like to, but I can't get hold of him.
Have you texted him?
Yes, a couple of times, but he must have his mobile switched off.

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He can't get hold of him. - Nemůže ho sehnat.
to text someone - poslat SMS
to switch off - vypnout
a couple of times - několikrát, párkrát

Programme: 4 - This computer's really playing up!


This computer's really playing up today.
What's the problem?
Well, I keep losing stuff that I've saved.
Have a word with Marc. He's a real computer whizz. He'll sort it out.

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a computer whizz - počítačový genius
sort something out - vyřešit
He keeps loosing. - Ztrácí se mu (pořád, opakovaně).

Programme: 5 - What's your brother up to?


What's your brother up to these days?
Oh, he's still working at the same place, but he was recently promoted, so he's doing really well.
I haven't seen him for ages. We should arrange to go out some time.

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What is he up to? - Co dělá, jak se má?
for ages - věky, drahnou dobu
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