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Ireland smoking ban


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Russell Padmore:

Fewer than one in three of Ireland's population smokes and according to several surveys the move to stop people puffing cigarettes in work places has prompted about a quarter of smokers to try to give up.

Ireland has more than ten thousand bars and it's the pub industry that's worried that the ban will lead to a collapse in trade, as smokers are forced out into the street.

The Irish Government has examined similar bans in America and it's convinced there are many benefits.

The Department of Health claims smoking costs the country's economy about six million dollars every day in sick leave from work and lost productivity. It also costs the Government more than a billion dollars every year to provide health care for people suffering tobacco related illnesses.


  • to puff, puffing - kouřit (jako komín), hulit (bafat)

  • to give up - přestat (se zlozvykem)

  • ban - zákaz

  • tobacco related illnesses - nemoci způsobené kouřením

  • The Department of Health - ministerstvo zdravotnictví

  • sick leave - pracovní neschopnost

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