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US Iraq intelligence inquiry due


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David Kay:

Well, I'm very happy if that turns out to be the case. I think it's important, not only important for the nation, it's important for our credibility as a global power and our relations with allies as we move forward. When you make mistakes you need to be seen as understanding why you made those mistakes.

David Albright:

If the Bush administration has its way, we won't hear anything else until the election's over. There is a problem of how the intelligence was used, and how dissent was pushed aside; how new information that would contradict the public case of the administration was pushed aside. All of those areas need to be subject to a great deal of scrutiny.


  • if that turns out to be the case - pokud se ukáže,…že tomu tak bude

  • credibility - důvěryhodnost

  • relations - vztahy

  • if he has its way - pokud dosáhne svého, pokud se mu podaří prosadit svou

  • dissent……pushed aside - námitky a nesouhlas byly ignorovány

  • that would contradict - které by odporovaly

  • great deal of scrutiny - podrobné přezkoumání
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