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Y Goeden Greu is part of a collection of Welsh language websites for children aged 5-7. Other resources for key stage 1 include:

  • %3Ca%20href="/wales/education/astroantics/">Astro Antics (Welsh second language)
  • %3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/camaucyfri/">Camau Cyfri (Maths)
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Y Goeden Greu contains animated stories, songs sung by a group of strange but friendly creatures and poems by some of the best Welsh language children's poets. There are also creative and interesting activities based on all of these.

There are four stories:
• %3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">Mami Wata by Jan Blake (Adapted by Eirlys Eckley)
• %3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">Jîni y Darten Geirios by Christina Shingler (Adapted by Elin Meek)
• %3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">Jac Do by Gwenno Hughes
• %3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">Chwilio am yr Haul by Rob Lewis (Adapted by Elin Meek)

You can watch or read the story then do story sequencing, changing and creating story activities.

To watch full screen versions of the stories, go to the %3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/parents/videos/index.shtml">video page.

%3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">Four songs are sung by four friendly creatures:
• Cân Ychapych
• Baled Beni Waered
• Rap Gwditwhw
• Cân Rwbi Dwbi

You can choose new words for the chorus and new clothes for the characters to wear when they're singing.

There are %3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">four poems:
• Bachgen Da Ofnadwy by Ceri Wyn Jones
• Diwrnod Diflas Du by Myrddin ap Dafydd
• Sôs Coch by Tudur Dylan Jones
• Ysgol yr Adar Bach by Mererid Hopwood

Listen to what Ychapych, Beni Waered, Gwditwhw and Rwbi Dwbi think of the poems then give your opinion using words and pictures.

Audio and visual help
Click on the 'Cymorth clyweledol' button to:
• resize on-screen text and change text and background colours
• hear on-screen text being read out
• make captions available for most video and audio content.

These preferences are not accessible while you are in the Information For Parents and Teachers section.

You can also navigate most content using the keyboard.


There are four animated stories in Y Goeden Greu. Click on the tree to go to the stories.

%3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">Mami Wata
This story is based on the traditional African legend of Mami Wata, the brave river spirit, who rescues a village from a terrible monster. It is full of rich descriptions and dialogue. It is a good example of how to structure an imaginative story.

%3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">Jîni y Darten Geirios (Cherry Pie Genie)
This is a modern story about a boy called Math who imagines that a genie rises from his hot cherry pie and does all sorts of favours for him. It is a story about a child's imagination and the important people in his life. It is full of rich descriptions and dialogue. It's a good example of how children can create their own imaginative stories.

%3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">Jac Do (Jackdaw)
Find out what happens when Jac Do goes to live in the pigeon loft. The story deals with racism and gives children the opportunity to look at the world from a different standpoint. There are two different endings and you can choose which one you like best.

%3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">Chwilio am yr Haul (Looking for the Sun)
Join Gwibiwr, Llamwr and their friends to find out what happens when the sun goes missing. This is a story about little creatures that live on the beach and it looks at the world through their eyes. This is a good example of how children can create their own personal stories. There are two different endings and you can choose which one you like best.


Watch a story
Watch the story with or without accompanying text. Click on the book icon if you want to see text alongside the pictures and audio.

Read a story
Read the story at a speed that suits you. The text appears side by side with the animation.

Sequence a story
Test your listening and comprehension skills by placing pictures in the right sequence before completing sentences based on the story.

Level 1
Click on the pictures from the story and place them on the right order.

Level 2
Complete 5 or 9 sentences so that they correspond with pictures from the story.

Change a story
Create a title, by choosing a character and a location from the options offered, then start writing.

There are four templates to choose from. They vary according to how much text you want to write and how much help you want.

One of the characters will help you by asking the following questions:
• Who is in your story?
• Where does your story happen?
• What happens in your story?
• How does your story end?

After you've finished writing, you can add pictures to each page of your story.

Create a story
Write and illustrate a story about characters and objects from the story you have just read. There are two levels.


Ychapych, Beni Waered, Gwditwhw and Rwbi Dwbi can't wait to sing for you! Click on each character to hear their special song.

Baled Beni Waered
In this sad ballad, Beni Waered, the bat, describes his favourite things. The chorus gives a positive message that contrasts with his pitiful singing. You can choose which pitiful sounds to put in the chorus.

Rap Gwditwhw
Get to know Gwditwhw better with this rap. The chorus creates a picture of Gwditwhw as the other characters sing about her and her favourite things. Create your own chorus by choosing your favourite descriptions of her.

Cân Rwbi Dwbi
This Bollywood style song is about Rwbi Dwbi and her busy life. Choose your favourite descriptions of her to create the chorus.

Cân Ychapych
Join in this crazy song about Ychapych, the horrible little monster, and his favourite yucky things. The humorous chorus is full of funny words and noises. Choose which silly words you want to put in the chorus.

After choosing a character, you have three options.

Listen to a song
Your chosen character sings their song. The words of the song can be seen in the box at the top of the screen.

Change a song
Choose new words for the song's chorus.

You can print the words of the song.

Dress the Characters
Choose new clothes for Ychapych, Beni Waered, Gwditwhw and Rwbi Dwbifrom the wardrobe.

Listen to the song to see the characters wearing their new outfits!

Less confident users
Less confident users can click on 'Gwnewch y dewis i mi' (Make the choice for me) to change the words and costumes automatically.

%3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">> Go to the songs


Listen to the poems then say what you think of them.

Ychapych, Beni Waered, Gwditwhŵ and Rwbi Dwbi were created to represent different emotions so they will all react differently to the poems. These reactions show children how to express their opinion.

Choose a poem from the list then click on the two characters you'd like to listen to the poem with you. Listen to the poem before hearing what the characters think.

Click on one of the three spiders to choose to listen to another poem, paint the poem or choose different characters to listen to the poem with you.

Bachgen Da Ofnadwy by Ceri Wyn Jones
This is a poem written from the standpoint of a boy who can't understand why he's so unpopular. It contains simple rhymes and effective repetition of words.

Ychapych will like this poem because he loves all sorts of naughtiness while Rwbi Dwbi will be very disapproving of the boy in the poem.

Diwrnod Diflas Du by Myrddin ap Dafydd
This poem describes a day when everything goes wrong. It contains simple alliteration.

Rwbi Dwbi will love this poem and she will be able to identify with it. Beni Waered will hate it because it reminds him of depressing days when nothing goes right.

Sôs Coch by Tudur Dylan Jones
A funny poem which has a simple rhyming pattern.

This poem was written especially for Ychapych who will love the yucky descriptions. Rwbi Dwbi will think that the poem is just too silly.

Ysgol yr Adar Bach by Mererid Hopwood
This is a happy and lively poem which paints an attractive picture of the world of nature.

The poem was written specially for Gwditwhw, who will like the beautiful descriptions. Ychapych will hate it because it is so happy and pretty.

%3Ca%20href="%3Ca%20href="/cymru/dysgu/ygoedengreu/">> Go to the poems