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Roll up, roll up! Welcome to Syrcas Gerdd (Music Circus) where you can discover all sorts of amazing musical activities inside the wagons and tents.

You can move around the circus freely and visit the games and activities in any order. Choose which path to take by clicking on the green arrow. Step inside a tent or wagon by clicking on the large 'I Mewn' (enter) arrow.


Jiwcbocs (Jukebox)
Listen to all sorts of music, from rock to reggae, pop to hip hop, in Madame Vaudeville's luxurious wagon. Learn about 12 musical genres by reading simple notes about the music as you listen.

Cegin Gerdd (Music Kitchen)
This is a collection of rhythm and sound activities. Give Mali Mwg a helping hand in her musical kitchen and keep the beat with Wish Wash the dish-washing robot. Get jamming with Gordon the chef and create your own rhythms.

Caban Cyfansoddi (Composing Cabin)
Choose a video clip then create a soundtrack for it using the wide choice of musical styles, instruments and rhythms.

Caban Fideos (Video Cabin)

Watch a collection of related video clips by clicking on the TV booth next to each wagon or tent.

Some clips feature composers talking about how they compose, their favourite songs and what inspires them.

Other clips show how the percussion group Samba Gales create their music.


If you get lost or want to take a shortcut directly to an activity, then click on the map icon in the bottom left hand corner.

Tool bar

On the left hand side of the tool bar is a title which helps you keep tabs of where you are in the Music Circus.

Use the speaker icon on the right to alter the audio volume.

Logging in

You are only able to save your work while you are logged in. You will need to create a profile that will be kept on the computer where you are working. Choose a unique name and use it to load your profile in future.

You can delete a specific profile or all the profiles on your computer by going to the profile management page.

Audio and visual help
Click on the 'Cymorth clyweledol' button to:
• resize on-screen text and change text and background colours
• hear on-screen text being read out
• make captions available for most video and audio content.

These preferences are not accessible while you are in the Information for Parents and Teachers section.

You can also navigate most content using the keyboard.

Jiwcbocs (Jukebox)

Listen to the collection of audio clips that Madame Vaudeville has in her jukebox. There are short notes on each song that gives you more information about the music.

The clips belong to ten genres:

• Rock

• Classical

• Folk

• Jazz

• Pop

• Reggae

• Soul

• Film

• Hip Hop

• World

Click on the name of the genre on the left hand side, then click on the individual songs on the right to listen to them.

Simple notes appear as you listen to each song. They tell you more about how the music is made, what type of instruments are playing, the use of voices and the musical genre itself.

> Go to the jukebox

Cegin Gerdd (Music Kitchen)

There are four activities in Cegin Gerdd. Click on Mali Mwg's menu to play them. Remember, it's best to complete the levels in the correct order!

1. Dewch i Chwilio (Let's Explore)

Mali Mwg wants you to discover the sounds in the kitchen.

Click on the objects on the shelves to hear the sounds that they make. Then, listen to Mali describing a sound and click on the object that makes the sound that matches her description.

Mali will try your suggestion and then she will tell you whether you were right or not.

Help is available by clicking on the 'Awgrym' (Hint) button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

2. Cadw'r Curiad (Keep to the Beat)

Meet Wish-Wash, the dish-washing robot. Your task is to copy the rhythms of the three poems that he recites.

Wish-Wash uses special rhymes to help him put the plates on the rack. Listen out for the rhythm in these rhymes, then copy them by tapping on the spacebar.

If you succeed in placing the plates on the shelves to the beat of the rhythm, you earn tokens which enable you to hear the rhythms set to a song on the jukebox. The first song is a pop song, the second punk rock and the third jazz.

You can check on the amount of tokens you need by keeping an eye on the counter in the top left.

3. Jamio gyda'r Band (Jam with the Band)

Use the spacebar to copy the rhythms created by Gordon the chef.

Gordon is the chef on the left. You control the chef on the right. You'll be asked to choose which colour you'd like your cap to be.

Try to feel the beat of the rhythm and come in at the right time. To help you, look at the row of lights below the chefs.

There are ten backing tracks - with each one representing a different musical genre. Only Rock, Jazz and World are available to you at first. Completing these levels will unlock Pop, Folk and Soul.

After completing those levels, you can progress to Hip Hop, Reggae, Soundtracks and Classical.

4. Beth am greu (Let's Create)

Create a rhythm track for different pieces of music.

You have three options:

• Creu rhythmau newydd - create new tracks

• Fy rhythmau i - use rhythms you have previously created and saved

• Rhythmau Mali Mwg - use rhythms that Mali Mwg has created for you.

Choose different speeds of music, then choose a musical genre from the list.

Click on the objects at the bottom of the screen to hear the sounds that they make. Click on the 'Recordio' (recording) button to choose a sound for your chef to use.

Click on the spacebar to make your chefs create a sound. Each chef can play up to eight, twelve or sixteen beats in a bar depending on the music you have chosen.

You can then play the rhythm track that you have created. If you're not happy with it you can start again.

When you are happy with your work, add more rhythms using different chefs. You can use the rhythms of up to four chefs.

You can save up to three of your rhythm tracks.

> Go to Cegin Gerdd

Caban Cyfansoddi (Composing Cabin)

This is your chance to create the music soundtrack for a short film clip. Discover how music can really change the mood of a film or television programme. You will also learn how different layers of music work together to form a rich musical score.

After selecting a video, you must then choose whose music you'd like to use.

Siani's music is a modern mixture, Hazel's music is modern classical, Ziggy's music is Rock and Pop and Xanthu's music is a combination of Folk and World.

Each video clip is split up into four sections:

• beginning
• middle 1
• middle 2
• ending.

The music is in four layers:

• melody (red dots)
• backing (purple dots)
• bass (green dots)
• percussion (yellow dots).

Click on the dots to see the choice of instruments available and click on a red arrow to add one to your soundtrack. You can add the music in any order. Add all the parts of one layer before moving on to the others or select all the music to one part of the film at a time.

Use the green arrows to listen to the music to each part of the soundtrack seperately.

Click on the lights above the orchestra to mute the different layers of your soundtrack as you play your composition (Chwarae Popeth), to hear the effect that seperate elements have on it.

You can save your compositions so that you can load them in the future.

If you find it hard to get started, then you can choose a partly completed piece by clicking 'Llwytho' (Load) or choose to work at the Easy Level ('Hawdd') at the beginning of the application.

> Go to Caban Cyfansoddi

Caban Fideo (Video Cabin)

A collection of videos about creating music.

The videos feature:

• Gareth Glyn talking about the craft of composing and about his favourite songs

• Geraint Cynan explaining why he enjoys composing music

• Percussion group Samba Gales showing how they create their music.

> Watch the videos