Have a go at these rhythm and sound activities. Give Mali Mwg a helping hand in her musical kitchen and keep the beat with Wish Wash the dish-washing robot. Get jamming with Gordon the chef and create your own rhythms.

Cegin Gerdd (Music Kitchen)

There are four activities in Cegin Gerdd. Click on Mali Mwg's menu to play them. Remember, it's best to complete the levels in the correct order!

1. Dewch i Chwilio (Let's Explore)

Mali Mwg wants you to discover the sounds in the kitchen.

Listen to Mali describing a sound and click on the object that makes the sound that matches her description.

Mali will try your suggestion and then she will tell you whether you were right or not.

Help is available by clicking on the 'Awgrym' (Hint) button in the top right hand corner of the screen.

2. Cadw'r Curiad (Keep to the Beat)

Meet Wish-Wash, the dish-washing robot. Your task is to copy the rhythms of the three poems that he recites.

Wish-Wash uses special rhymes to help him put the plates on the rack. Listen out for the rhythm in these rhymes, then copy them by tapping on the spacebar.

If you succeed in placing the plates on the shelves to the beat of the rhythm, you earn tokens which enable you to hear the rhythms set to a song on the jukebox. The first song is a pop song, the second punk rock and the third jazz.

You can check on the amount of tokens you need by keeping an eye on the counter in the top left.

3. Jamio gyda'r Band (Jam with the Band)

Use the spacebar to copy the rhythms created by Gordon the chef.

Gordon is the chef on the left. You control the chef on the right. You'll be asked to choose which colour you'd like your cap to be.

Try to feel the beat of the rhythm and come in at the right time. To help you, look at the row of lights below the chefs.

There are ten backing tracks - with each one representing a different musical genre. Only Rock, Jazz and World are available to you at first. Completing these levels will unlock Pop, Folk and Soul.

After completing those levels, you can progress to Hip Hop, Reggae, Soundtracks and Classical.

4. Beth am greu (Let's Create)

Create a rhythm track for different pieces of music.

You have three options:

• Creu rhythmau newydd - create new tracks

• Fy rhythmau i - use rhythms you have previously created and saved

• Rhythmau Mali Mwg - use rhythms that Mali Mwg has created for you.

Choose different speeds of music, then choose a musical genre from the list.

Each chef can play up to eight, twelve or sixteen beats in a bar depending on the music you have chosen.

You can then play the rhythm track that you have created. If you're not happy with it you can start again.

When you are happy with your work, add more rhythms using different chefs. You can use the rhythms of up to four chefs.

You can save up to three of your rhythm tracks.

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