Information about Pobl yr Ogof (Cave Dwellers). Welsh language history activity for for Key Stage 1 - life in the Stone Age.

Pobl yr Ogof (Cave Dwellers)

This game takes you back to the Stone Age to perform various tasks in order to organise a party. Can you find enough food to feed everyone, decorate the cave and make sure that there will be a fire to dance around? Your guides are two Stone Age children who will tell you exactly what you have to do.

The Stone Age children invite you to help them prepare for a feast.

There are six tasks:

Making a Spear
Can you make a strong, sharp spear that flies through the air?

Choosing the right material is important. Stone Age spear-makers chose a tough wood (ash tree wood used up to medieval times), sharpened at the tip into a point. Adding a flint tip made a sharper weapon.

A selection of materials is laid out on the floor.

Click on and drag your choice of material onto the flashing part of the spear.

You need to make three spears to get the chance for some target practice. Click on the spear and drag it with your mouse to aim. Click on the spear again to throw it.

Making a Pouch
Make a pouch that's big and tough enough to hold ten heavy rocks.

A pouch was useful for carrying home food such as berries and nuts. Like all Stone Age artefacts, it had to be made.

A selection of materials is laid out on the floor.

Click on and drag your choice of material onto the flashing part of the pouch.

Test the strength of your pouch. Click on the rocks and drag them to the pouch. If it breaks you will have to start again.

How many fish can you catch as they leap from the water?

A large haul of fish would make a filling feast for a Stone Age tribe. Watch out for the eagle - it's hungry and looking to steal your food!

Catch as many fish as you can by clicking on the fish as they jump out of the water.

If you fail to catch enough fish you will have to start again.

Mammoth Hunt
Can you trap a mammoth in a pit? It's not as easy as it sounds!

One mammoth would provide enough food for a group of cave people for several days and would help them survive in a challenging and harsh environment. To hunt this huge animal, people had to use skill, brains and teamwork.

Catch the mammoth by driving it towards a pit where it can be trapped. Hold the cursor to the left side of the mammoth to make it go right. Hold the cursor to the right side of the mammoth to make it go left.

After driving the mammoth into the pit, click on the spears to throw them at it.

Making a Fire
Can you help to make a big warm fire?

A Stone Age cave was a very cold and dark place to live but a fire could make it cosy and snug. People relied on fire for warmth and light, to scare off wild animals, and to cook food.

Build the fire by clicking on suitable sticks and dragging them on to it. Dry wood works best so avoid using the wet sticks.

When you have enough sticks on the fire, the two stones will glow. Click on them and they create a spark that lights the fire.

Keep the fire going by:
• adding dry twigs to the fire
• clicking on the cave girl to make her blow on the fire.

If the fire either burns too fiercely or goes out, you will have to start again.

Cave Painting
Decorate the walls with your paintings - a dark cave doesn't have to be boring!

The most famous cave paintings in Europe are in Lascaux, France and Altamira, Spain. Cave artists made their own paints using earth, soot, grease and plants. They painted on rock with sticks, fingers and brushes and pads made from fur, skin or moss.

Click on the images you want to use from the left hand wall and drag them to the wall in front of you.

Click on the palette to choose a colour.

Click on the the finger icon on the wooden board to paint the images.

Click on the tool icon to make the images look like carvings.

You can print your pictures and use them to decorate a real wall!

When you've completed all the tasks successfully and earned four rocks you can join the cave dwellers in their party!

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