Information about Peiriant Amser Welsh language history activities for Key Stage 1.

Peiriant Amser (Time Machine)

Peiriant Amser (Time Machine) is part of a collection of Welsh language websites for children aged 5-7. Other resources for Key Stage 1 include:

Travel back in time with the time machine (Peiriant Amser). Two of these interactive history activities are based on children's own lives and experiences. The other two offer them the chance to travel back in time to the Edwardian era and the Stone Age.

Fy Niwrnod i (My Day)
Place everyday events in your life, such as attending school and watching television, in a chronological sequence. Print out your work and watch an animated film of your day.

Sut Dw i Wedi Newid (How I've Changed)
Show how have you changed since you were a baby. Place events from your life in a simple chronological sequence. Show Bembo the monkey how much you have changed since you were born and perhaps he will dance for you and sing you a song!

Pobl yr Ogof (Cave Dwellers)
Travel back thousands of years to get ready for a Stone Age party! Can you find enough food to feed everyone, decorate the cave and build a fire? Two children will guide you through the different tasks and tell you about life in the Stone Age.

Synau 'Stalwm (Noisy Noughties)
Find out what life was like one hundred years ago by exploring an Edwardian street. Meet animated characters and ask them questions about their lives. Gather objects from the different locations to place in your museum. Collect sounds to feature in a song that will be performed in the music hall!

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