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Ein Byd is part of a collection of Welsh language websites for children aged 7-11. Other resources for key stage 2 include:

Ein Byd promotes understanding of six different aspects of human geography using videos and audio clips. Pupils can then use this content to create their own films and posters.

In the six focus studies, young people in six different countries present short films that discuss the effects of the following themes on their everyday lives:

Transport Western Isles, Scotland
Rubbish and Recycling Northern Ireland
Food England
Settlement Wales
Tourism Mallorca, Spain
Borders Poland

In each study there are 9 - 12 short video clips embedded in an animated landscape. A friendly face suggests which video to watch next.

These studies also contain videos that look at these geographical themes in the wider world.

Video Tool
Use the Video Tool to create short films using video clips taken from the six studies. You can create a film that reflects what you have learned from watching the focus studies, tell a story or to make a video about your own experiences. There are a variety of video clips to choose from which have been classified according to theme. It is possible to add your own captions and select a soundtrack for your film.

Poster Creator
The Poster Creator lets you create printable posters or magazine pages. You can select from a range of photographs taken from the videos in the studies and it is possible to use the drawing tools to add text and draw your own pictures. Use the poster creator to create work reflects what you have learned by watching the focus studies or to create a project about your area.

Saving Work
You can save work created using the Video Tool and Poster Creator. The work will only be saved on the computer where you are working at the time and it will only be possible to load that piece of work on that particular machine in the future. If you save several large pieces of work on the same computer a dialogue box could appear asking you if they want to allocate more computer memory. You will have to agree to this before being able to save any more work.

You can delete a specific project or all the projects on your computer by going to the profile management page for the video tool or the profile management page for the poster creator.

Audio and Visual Help
Click on the Cymorth Clyweledol (Audio Visual help) button to:
• resize on-screen text and change text and background colours
• hear on-screen text being read out
• make captions available for most video and audio content.

You can't click on these preferences while you are reading the Information for Parents and Teachers.

You can also navigate most content using the keyboard.

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