Information for parents and teachers about Dinesydd Da, Welsh language Personal and Social Education (PSE) games for KS 2.

Dinesydd Da (Good Citizen)

Dinesydd Da is part of a collection of Welsh language websites for children aged 7-11. Other resources for Key Stage 2 include:

The people of Llanllanast need your help! There are six Personal and Social Education (PSE) games and activities in Dinesydd Da. Your challenge is to solve problems facing the community in this run down town. There are also short videos showing real projects carried out in schools all over Britain that inform and inspire pupils.

The Good Citizen Action Team (Tîm Gweithredol y Dinesydd Da) have identified six projects to improve the lives of the people of Llanllanast. Each assignment is introduced by a team member who will appear in the game to offer advice when needed.

In each assignment you have to replace old or broken items with new or replacement ones. Some of these new items need to be earned by completing activities that are relevant to your assignment.

Your aim is to make every member of the community happy. A recurring theme of the six assignments is compromise. To succeed at an activity you have to take account of the views of different members of the community and select an appropriate way forward.

To play the assignments click on the different areas in the aerial view of the Llanllanast. They can be played in any order.

Trafferth yn y Parc (Park Trouble)
Easy. This is a good place to start. Nobody wants to go to Llanllanast's run down park any more! Your aim is to make it somewhere people want to visit. Decide which improvements to make and keep everyone who uses the park happy.

> Play Trafferth yn y Parc

Anghydfod Prysgdir (Scrubland Squabble)
Easy. The council have given you money to make further improvements to the park. Your aimis to get the local people to agree on what will be the best way to spend the money. Not everyone feels the same about having a skate park, a café or a wildlife area. Find out what the local people want and try to keep them all happy.

> Play Anghydfod Prysgdir

Problemau Amser Egwyl (Playtime problems)
Medium difficulty. The school playground is in a terrible mess! Help the children improve it. Not everyone wants new games to play, have quiet areas to sit and read or even improve road safety at the school entrance!. How are you going to keep everybody happy?

> Play Problemau Amser Egwyl

Anghydfod Ysgol (School Dispute)
Medium difficulty. The school dinners are unhealthy, the toilets are horrible and everything in the library is old and broken. Help the children make improvements to the canteen, the library and the toilets, that make everybody happy. As usual not everyone agrees about what needs to be done.

> Play Anghydfod Ysgol

Niwsans Cymuned Leol (Neighbourhood Nuisance)
Hard. All the shops have closed and there's nothing to do. Young people are hanging around and getting up to mischief. Make changes that will keep everybody happy and give young people something to do with their time.

> Play Niwsans Cymuned Leol

Helynt Tref (Town Trouble)
Hard. The council are redeveloping the town centre. Get the local residents and businesses to agree on how the council should redevelop the town centre. Deal with the issues and problems and make sure that the community as a whole is put first.

> Play Helynt Tref

Hints and Tips

• Interview all the characters before making a start on the tasks. Researching opinions and ideas before making any decisions is useful.

• Remember that different characters have different hopes, likes and dislikes. What makes one character happy might not please someone else. Think how the different characters will react before taking any actions.

• Don't forget that solving one problem can create another one. You might not get everything right the first time so don't give up!

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