Rufus (Vocal coach)

Rufus (Vocal Coach)

When he's not working out on his wheel, our rodent friend Rufus is Coridor 5's miniature musical maestro. Visit the vocal coach's room to find out how to warm up your voice, sing in tune and keep time.

Go to Rufus's room to get some vocal coaching

Fideos Rufus (Rufus's videos)

Say hi to Rufus and check out his helpful tips and singing exercises.

Cynhesu (Warming up)
The guys from Coridor 5 warm up their singing voices. Pete adds a few comments, about how to get started.

Canu mewn tiwn! (Sing in tune!)
How come some people can't sing in tune? In this video, Aron describes how he warms up his voice. He also shows how he and Pete avoid singing 'flat' or 'sharp' notes.

Yr offeryn dynol! (The human instrument!)
The voice is a musical instrument. Maeve goes through a warm-up routine, singing different notes, with Riordan's help. She explains why the voice, and the body, needs warming up for singing.

Y gêm rhythm (Rhythm game)
Pete describes how to keep in time when listening to various beats and rhythms. Keeping in time is the aim of the game.

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