Maeve (Dance)

Maeve (Dance)

Maeve specialises in Dance music. In her room you can learn how different ideas can inspire songs, how to remix songs and how to compose to a brief.

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Cerddoriaeth Maeve (Maeve's music)

'Tisie Byw Mewn Parti 'Da Fi?' and 'Dal i Fyw a Bod'
Compare Maeve's songs and her performances to learn more about music styles. Compare these songs with others you've heard.

Fideos Maeve (Maeve's videos)

These videos explore ideas that can set the creative process ticking. How do people compose music in response to things and feelings that affect them?

Cyfeillgarwch (Friendship)
Ideas behind songs can be really big ones - friendship, for example. See how often the idea of friendship can inspire a song. Do most good songs have a story behind them?

Harddwch (Beauty)
Another idea for a song: self esteem, or beauty in someone else maybe. Watch the video for more about how music can be inspired by beauty.

Y Ddaear (The Earth)
The rhythm of life, maybe? This video shows how often music is inspired by the world around us.

Straeon i godi ofn (Scary stories)
Scared of singing out of tune? There are worse things. Watch this video to get you thinking about scariness as the force behind a song.

Straeon am y teulu (Family)
A song can be inspired by the people we love and care about. This video demonstrates how events in our family's lives can influence song writing.

Straeon trist (Sad stories)
There are such a lot of sad songs. Why? Maybe this video will suggest a few answers. Why do sad stories often make great songs?

Cymysgu'r cyfan (Mixing it up)
This video contains several clips, with different versions of the same song. It's about composition in different times and places. Discover how musicians mix different arrangements to create the performance they want.

Creu Cân (Sketch-a-Song)

Creu cân i gyd-fynd â llun (Make a song to match a picture)
A picture can inspire a song. Make your own CD cover by choosing from the backgrounds and frames. Then, with the Creu Cân tool, add rhythms, chords and melodies to complete a song inspired by the cover. Get creative! See how a visual can inspire music.

Creu alaw trwy newid offerynnau (Make a tune by changing instruments)
Remix Maeve's song 'Dal i Fyw a Bod' in various styles. Have a go at Classical, Jazzy, Trip Hop and Rock. Hear how different instrumental arrangements affect the sound of a melody. This is an intro to arranging, using music technology, and also about composing to a brief.

Creu alaw a churo'r cloc! (Make a tune and beat the clock!)
A time-test. Use the Creu Cân tool to compose a song - but watch the clock and don't wander from the brief! Songwriters must often stick to a brief, and keep to deadlines. That means planning and composing within parameters. Success is beating the clock!

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