About Coridor 5

About Coridor 5

Are you mad about music? This is your chance to hang out with the gang at Coridor 5 and discover more about all kinds of music - from rock and pop to jazz, classical, dance and urban. Check out Coridor 5's music clips and videos, get top song-writing hints and tips and have a go at composing your own tunes.

Coridor 5 is a Welsh language music resource for schools, Key Stage 3. It's a collection of interactive games and musical masterclasses featuring five students at a performing arts school. Miniature musical maestro Rufus is also on hand with coaching and advice.

Each character introduces a different music genre and the activities are themed around specific learning objectives.

Visit each student's room to find out what music they like and discover some of their favourite techniques and tips.

Click around the objects in each room to access the activities. To follow the suggested learning journey, click on the activity indicated by the arrow.

The following activities are common to each room:

Hoff Draciau (Favourite tracks)

Each character has selected five top tunes by their favourite artists. You can listen to the clips and hear the characters explain their choices. Do you agree?

Banc Geiriau (Word bank)

There are a lot of musical words and terms. This database will help you remember some of the key ones.

Pwy ydy...? (Personal profile)

Listen to the characters talk about their background in these short biographies.

Creu Cân (Sketch-a-Song)

You can compose and remix songs using the 'Creu Cân' tool in Riordan, Maeve, Aron and Pete's rooms. Click on the 'Dangoswch Sut Mae Gwneud' (Show Me) button to watch a demonstration of how to complete the task. If you're composing, you will find the 'Play', 'Fast forward' and 'Rewind' buttons useful. You can listen to your work again and change it if you like.

Cymorth Clyweledol (Audio Visual help)

Click on the Cymorth Clyweledol button to:

  • resize on-screen text and change text and background colours
  • hear on-screen text being read out
  • make captions available for most video and audio content.

These features are not accessible while you're in the 'Information' section.

You can also navigate most content using the keyboard.

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