About Ar Leoliad

About Ar Leoliad

You're a reporter on location in the village of Llanberis in north Wales. Your task is to compile a news report about the effects of a proposed new development on the village.

Ar Leoliad is a Geography resource for pupils aged 14-16, Key Stage 3. Taking Snowdonia as a case study, it offers the opportunity to learn more about how and why environments change.

Snowdonia is one of the most beautiful areas in Britain. But there's a possibility that a new development will be built on the site of the disused Glyn Rhonwy quarry. The aim is to attract more tourists to the area - but what effect would the new development have on the village?

By weighing up the arguments for and against the development you will get the chance to:

  • develop opinions
  • understand that people have different values, attitudes and points of view
  • assess reliability of evidence
  • make decisions.

Use the maps to move around the area and visit different locations. Background information, useful statistics and interesting archive clips can be collected at each location.

As you create your report you will need to use investigative skills such as:

  • observing
  • recording data
  • analysing and evaluating ideas and evidence
  • justifying conclusions.

Your report will also need to reflect the opinions of local people. Don't miss the chance to record interviews with the people you meet during your visit.

So grab your camera and noteboook and get going with your investigation!

The website has three sections:

Map ffeithiau (Facts map)

Click on the four locations and visit them in order:

  • 1. Gorsaf Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa (Snowdon Mountain Railway Station)
  • 2. Amgueddfa Lechi Cymru (Welsh Slate Museum)
  • 3. Parc Cenedlaethol Eryri (Snowdonia National Park)
  • 4. Caffi Pete's Eats (Pete's Eats Café)

There's a fact to collect and an interview to film in each location. Once you've found the fact, answer a question correctly to save the fact and move on.

Map Tasgau (Task map)

After you've completed the fact map, you can move on to the task map. Visit the four locations in order:

  • 1. Gorsaf Rheilffordd yr Wyddfa (Snowdon Mountain Railway Station)
  • 2. Caffi Pete's Eats (Pete's Eats Café)
  • 3. Chwarel Glyn Rhonwy (Glyn Rhonwy Quarry)
  • 4. Gwesty Dôl Peris (Dôl Peris Hotel)

Visit the first three locations to learn about in-migration and out-migration, local employment, plans for developing Glyn Rhonwy and what the local people think of Llanberis and tourism.

Finally, visit Dôl Peris Hotel to complete the main task which is to create your news report using the video editor.

Video editor

You can access the video editor via Dôl Peris hotel on the task map.

Your task is to create a report about the effects that developing the Glyn Rhonwy quarry site would have on the Llanberis area.

Select clips and interviews with local people to include in your report. You can watch your report, save it or make changes to it.

> Go straight to the video editor

Cymorth Clyweledol (Audio Visual help)

Click on the Cymorth Clyweledol button to:

  • hear on-screen text being read out
  • make captions available for video and audio content.

These features are not accessible while you're in the 'Information' section.

You can also navigate most content using the keyboard.

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