Ar Daith (On the Move)

Ar Daith is part of a collection of Welsh language websites for children aged 7-11. Other resources for Key Stage 2 include:

Ar Daith is an interactive history site that tells the stories of people who migrated during the 19th and 20th centuries. It also lets you tell your own stories and create maps of your own journeys.

The four activities are:

Dyddiaduron (Diaries)
Read about 12 children who migrated during the 19th and 20th centuries. These are imaginary diaries but they are based on real events. They are illustrated with historical photographs and drawings.

Creu Dyddiadur (Make a Diary)
Make your own diary by creating your own text and choosing historical photographs and drawings to illustrate it.

Map Mudo (Migration Map)
This map is a huge database of migrations to and from Britain in the 19th and 20th centuries. The information tells you when and where the migration happened, who migrated, how they travelled and why they migrated. Historical photographs, drawings and film footage are included.

Creu Map (Make a Map)
Use your own details to create your own migration map.

Audio and Visual Help
Click on the 'Cymorth Clyweledol' button to:
• resize on-screen text and change text and background colours in the Diary video captions
• hear on-screen text being read out
• make captions available for the Diary videos.

These preferences are not accessible while you are in the Information section.

You can also navigate most content using the keyboard.

Dyddiaduron (Diaries)

Read the stories of twelve children who migrated in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. .

These are imaginary diaries but the children's stories are based on real migrations and historical events

Each diary has an introductory video

You can add photographs and drawings to the diaries.

Go to the diaries

Creu Dyddiadur (Create a Diary)

Create your own diary by either editing an existing diary or by starting a new one from scratch. Use images from the existing diaries to illustrate your new one.

To edit an existing diary, click on the diary on the left of the screen.

You can change the name on the cover, the text inside and the pictures. The available photographs are grouped according to the diary in which they appear. The Fframiau Lluniau option places a picture frame on the page in which you can draw a picture once you have printed your diary.

To create a new diary, click on one of the two diaries on the right.

Create your own diary

Map Mudo (Migration Map)

The maps in this activity show migrations undertaken during the 19th and 20th centuries. The world map shows migrations to and from Britain and Ireland between 1820 and 1980. Migrations within Britain are shown on the map of the UK. The information about each migration is illustrated with historical photographs, drawings or film footage.

Choosing a Map
Use the Map y Byd (World Map) and Map y DU (United Kingdom Map) buttons in the top left corner to toggle between the two maps.

Toggle between migrations to Britain and migrations from Britain using the O'r DU (From the UK) and I'r DU (To the UK) switch in the top right corner.

Using the Timeline
Scroll through the decades between 1820 and 1980 on the timeline. The panel that appears above the timeline gives information about important world and migration events that occurred during that decade.

Each red arrow on the map represents a migration. A red arrow with white dotted lines represents more than one migration. Click on an arrow for information about a migration.

Discover More About a Migration
In the information panel that appears when you click on an arrow, the following details are given:
• Ble a Phryd? (When and Where?)
• Pwy? (Who?)
• Sut? (How?)
• Pam? (Why?)

The information about the migrations features historical photographs, drawings and film footage. Click on photographs and drawings to enlarge them and click on the film footage to watch it.

Click on "Dangoswch i Fi" (Show Me How) to be taken through a number of steps showing you how to use this resource.

Go to the migration map

Creu Map (Create a Map)

Create your own map showing a journey you have undertaken and giving information about your journey.

Answer the following questions about the journey:

1. When was your journey?
2. Was part of your journey outside the UK or not?
3. Where did your journey start?
4. Where did your journey finish?
5. Who went on the journey?
6. How did your travel?
7. Why did you travel?

After you have created your map you can look at it, print it and add another migration to it.

Create your own map