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28 October 2014

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Stressed man

Stress test

Feeling tense? Irritable? Got an ache? You could be stressed!

Take our online stress test and see how you score ...

Feeling under pressure for long periods can affect your health.

The BBC's Health Correspondent Anne Kostalas has been investigating stress ... find out how stressed out you are, submit your answers, then psychologist Joan Harvey from Newcastle University will analyse the results for the TV programme.

What to do

Count how many 4s and 5s you have. Then count how many 1s and 2s you have.

If you have 13 or more 4s and 5s, then please examine these closely as you are likely to suffer from stress problems from time to time and these are the first things about you that are affected. You may not, in yourself, feel you are stressed but these are the outward signs that you are.

If you have 14 or more 1s and 2s, then you are probably less likely to be suffering from stress, but please note any 4s or 5s, as they are your weak points.

If you are mostly 3s or less with no 5s, then you are probably managing OK with the hassles that you face.

An overall score of 80-100 is not too high; over 110 watch out, you may be getting stressed!

BBC NE & Cumbria stress Survey

Nickname* Sex

1. Headaches
11. Being argumentative

2. Backache

12. Worrying

3. Feeling irritable

13. Being impatient
4. Feeling run down
14. Insomnia
5. High blood pressure
15. Making mistakes
6. Yelling at people
16. Feeling depressed
7. Short tempered
17. Feeling under pressure
8. Feeling tense
18. No enthusiasm
9. Twitching eye
19. Easily upset
10. Being Bossy
20. Feeling angry
21. Fidgeting
31. Feeling of loneliness
22. Feeling a lack of control
32. Stiff neck/shoulders
23. No energy
33. Inflexibility
24. Teeth grinding/hair twisting
34. Feeling anxious
25. Forgetfulness
35. Feeling cannot cope
26. Frequent colds
36. Difficulty sleeping
27. Crying a lot
37. Can't trust people
28. Feeling frustration
38. Upset stomach
29. Compulsive eating
39. Compulsive gum chewing
30. Frequent tiredness
40. Age
Once you've completed the form, please click once on the 'submit' button below.

This information will only be used by the BBC for the purposes of compiling statistics from all the forms submitted and broadcasting the results on Look North.

If you make an error, you can clear the form by clicking the 'reset' button below.

* We don't need your full name, just a way of sorting out the forms, so just choose a suitable nickname.

last updated: 19/05/05
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