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24 September 2014

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Louder: For all your music needs
The Zutons

Interview with The Zutons

by Rory Dollard


The Zutons

The Zutons have just released their first album and it comes bearing the intriguing title of “Who Killed the Zutons?” While this question is doubtless of great concern to friends and family of the band and perhaps even the local constabulary, it isn’t really top of my priorities.

I’ve been waiting in a ghost town of a café for half an hour or so for an interview that has already been rescheduled once today. ‘Where the hell are The Zutons?’, ‘Why aren’t The Zutons sitting talking to me’ ‘Do The Zutons really exist?’ These are the questions that concern me the most.

The answer to the latter is, thankfully, yes. The Zutons do exist and they are they latest hot young group to emerge from the culture ridden streets of Liverpool. Lead singer Dave Mcabe has just arrived at my table fresh (or rather not so fresh) from a game of football with the band.

The Zutons
The Zutons are:
Abi Harding, Saxophone 20
David McCabe, Lead Vocalist 22
Boyan Chowdhury, Lead Guitar 23
Sean Payne, Drums 23
Russell Pritchard, Bass 23
The Brickyard
The Zutons
Review: Who Killed The Zutons

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They are not alone though, with The Stands, The Coral and The Bandits all recently thrust into the public eye, there appears to be something of a scouser-scene developing – “I definitely feel like we’re part of something,” says Mcabe “but my only problem with it is a lot is made out of it because it’s easy to do. It only becomes ‘a scene’ when people say it is.”

What though of the legendary musical history of the city? (apparently four young whipper-snappers called The Beatles turned a couple of heads in the 60’s). “Really I don’t feel it. You can be from anywhere…you either write good songs or you don’t, you’ve either got a good band or you haven’t.” Anybody who has heard recent singles like ‘Pressure Point’ or ‘You Will, You Won’t’ will probably agree that Mcabe and co. fall safely on the right side of this line.

If you don’t know the band then be ready for an aural assault of pop, skiffle, ska, funk and…wait for it…voodoo rock. Two important questions need to be asked here, firstly how do they feel about being so diversely labelled? and secondly, what on earth is voodoo rock?

“I think it’s great, it means people can’t pigeon-hole us. When you buy the album you don’t hear 12 songs that sound the same…I like Talking Heads, Sly and the Family Stone, we all like James Brown and some of the band are into Devo but whatever it is you The Zutons are playing it.”

And as for voodoo rock? “that’s like early Dr.John stuff…a really swampy sound with loads of tambourines.” Tambourines? My hopes of a rant about black magic and dolls with pins in their eyes are crushed in a trice. “Sorry man, I’m not very quotey today,” Dave confesses. He needn’t worry though as I have another question up my sleeve. ‘Who are you’re favourite other artists who begin with ‘Z’?’ I ask. “I definitely feel part of a brotherhood of ‘Z’…but let’s say Frank Zappa,” is it a good feeling to be part of this scared brotherhood? “it’s the best…if there was a Z Tour it would be Frank Zappa headlining, ZZ Top and us,” Not very quotey? I beg to differ.

And thus it ends, Dave the Zuton has been fun, chatty and he even drew me a lovely picture for my efforts. Couple this with the powerful live show delivered later at the Brickyard and their impressive new album and the question should really be not about who killed The Zutons but who is going to stop them?

Read Rory's review of The Zutons @ The Brickhouse »

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