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24 September 2014

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Keith Scobie-Youngs

Keith Scobie-Youngs

Clocking on

From Mansfield to Cumbia by way of Birmingham Polytechnic and London, Keith Scobie-Youngs tells us how his passion for clocks has made his life - and he shows us the clock-makers craft on an old, and very important timepiece ...

Film maker:Keith Scobie-Youngs
Length:4:52 mins
Date:March 2008

Clock making was not Keith's first choice of career, despite having done nothing else since leaving college - he initially wanted to make and repair musical instruments, but his brother wanted to do that, so Keith felt that he could not do that too.

Part of the Hampton Court Clock showing the date

Part of the Hampton Court Clock

Keith’s father suggested that he take up the art of clock making and repair, and since leaving Birmingham Polytechnic, he has never looked back.

At first, he wanted to work for one of the big London companies such as Aspreys or Sotherbys, because of the quality of work they had.
However, there were no vacancies with these firms and he ended up working for a firm repairing church and public clocks - and it was here that Keith fell in love with theses "big clocks".

The Hampton Court Clock Dial

The Hampton Court Clock Dial

"It was brilliant!" he says, "Going to all the places that you never normally get to see".
After six years of living and working in London, during which time he met his wife, Keith felt it was time for a change, so quit his job and moved to Cumbria and opened the Cumbria Clock Company.

Since then he has never looked back. His business has grown and he is proud of its success and the people who work with and for him. Now he is looking after some of the most important timepieces in the world; including helping to maintain Big Ben, looking after the oldest working clock in the world at Salisbury Cathedral and most recently restoring the workings of the astronomical clock at Hampton Court Palace.

"I consider myself very lucky," says Keith "I've got some great people working here. I work in some of the most wonderful places in the country".
"And I couldn't imagine doing anything else"! Says Keith, with a happy smile on his face.

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created: 05/03/2008

You are in: Cumbria > Video Nation > Clocking on

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