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28 October 2014

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Telling Lives

You are in: Cumbria > Telling Lives > It was the sixties in Africa

African image

African image

It was the sixties in Africa

For us, the 60s were swinging in a different way ...

Gordon's story

Please tell us about yourself.
Retired from inner-city teaching to rural life and subsequent regeneration projects in this country. In Zambia I eventually was lucky enough to edit a children's magazine which broke new ground.

What’s your story about?
A reaction, I suppose, to the ubiquitous technology of modern times, and the ignorance of real life in Africa here in the wet.

Why did you choose to tell this particular story?
The story tells how a clay pot is made - constraints of time mean I have had to omit the crumbs of an old pot which are mixed in to the clay, the patterns made at the end with a "comb" made from a piece of gourd etc.

What was the experience of making you digital story like?
Really enjoyed the way we all worked together on everybody's stories, and how we welded, through from totally different backgrounds. A great sense of achievement in conquering much of the technology.

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You are in: Cumbria > Telling Lives > It was the sixties in Africa

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