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24 July 2014
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A burning man could be connected to Doggett's son...

In a New Orleans office, Gary Garber informs his employee JebDukes that he has been sacked. Stunned, Jeb walks outside, and sees a car being chased by a police cruiser speed into a collision with a four-wheel-drive and burst into flames. A Burning Man calmly steps out of the car and walks right into Jeb’s body, suddenly disappearing, as if having been absorbed into him.

Later Jeb returns to the office with a handgun and kills Garber and personnel officer Roberta Toews.

Agent Monica Reyes goes to New Orleans to assist with the investigation. Her cheery mood evaporates when a vision of Toews' corpse, now charcoal-like in appearance, fills her mind. Meanwhile, Mulder rushes Scully to the hospital after she suddenly doubles-over in pain.

Reyes asks Mulder for his help with the case, explaining that she is reluctant to ask Doggett because the case involves him. They meet and Reyes gives Mulder two files pertaining to the death of Doggett’s son. Reyes explains that the only clue about the killer was a vision of the little boy’s body turned to ash she experienced, like the vision of Toews’ charcoal-like corpse.

At his motel room, Jeb begins tearing at his skin, revealing what looks like lava inside his head.

Then, while standing in Scully's hospital room, Doggett experiences a flashback of the discovery of his son's body in a wooded area. When he realizes Mulder is investigating his son's murder he erupts in anger. Mulder and Reyes explain that the man burned in the car crash outside Jeb's office building was a man named Bob Harvey, a prime suspect in the slaying of Doggett's son but Doggett insists there is no connection.

We see a stranded woman ask Jeb for help with a flat tyre.

Reyes discusses the theory that Bob Harvey is related to the Jeb Dukes case with Mulder, but he sees no similarities, despite Reyes' contention that life is full of patterns people are incapable of comprehending.

Later, Jeb drives away in the stranded woman's car, blood spattered on his face. When Police discover the body of the stranded woman, Reyes believes it is tied to Jeb Dukes. Doggett is summoned to the scene, which is identical to a vision he experienced earlier. He denies having any visions, but Reyes does not believe him.

Back at the hospital, Scully tells Mulder that she suffered a partial abruption.

Face still spattered with blood, Jeb drives to his sister, Katha Dukes’ house. Katha contacts the FBI looking for Doggett, but does not leave a message. Reyes concludes that Jeb is in Katha’s house.

When the agents arrive at the house, Jeb is upstairs with Katha's daughter, Mia. Jeb grows enraged on seeing Reyes, and grabs the little girl, pulling out a gun. Doggett draws his weapon and demands Mia's release but puts the gun down and tries to talk on realizing Jeb will hurt Mia.

Suddenly,a shot rings out and Jeb falls to the ground - he is rushed to hospital, where Agent Doggett experiences another vision. This time he sees his son's body, seemingly formed of charcoal-ash, just like in Agent Reyes' vision.

Monitor alarms sound and doctors rush to Jeb's side, but are unable to save him. Katha, nearby, suddenly sucks in a shallow breath and shudders. Possessed by the evil from Jeb’s body, she picks up an oxygen tank and strikes Reyes, then grabs hold of Reyes’gun.

Doggett rushes in and takes the weapon from her hands. Katha is placed inside a padded room.

Later, Mulder gives Scully a childhood keepsake, a small cloth doll, as a gift.

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