I would like to meet an alien for fun, visits to galleries and walks in the park and possibly something more! Non-smoker prefered.

I would like to meet an alien, so I can learn about its cultures and I could teach it our cultures. I would show it all the tourist sights that we have, here on Earth, and show it Doctor Who. Maybe it would reconise the Doctor!

I would like to see an alien so i could get it to blow up EVERY school in the country!

I've once seen a U.F.O land in the forest.

James Hind
I want to comunnicate with extra-terrestrial beings because it would be a great discovery to find a living specimin of an extra-terrestrial race beyond this galaxy, and beyond any other known galaxy in the always expanding universe. Also, if the alien race had superiour technology than us humans, then I would take some of their technology and discover what it is composed of and use it for the good of maan-kind, for man-kind would become possibly more advanced than the aliens that originally created the technology in a matter of years, even if the technology is the lowest form of technology for their race, we could become much, much, much more advanced than we would have been if I hadent discovered the technology!

I wanna meet aliens so i could escape school i have exams for a week coming up and an essay coming up so i would take a holiday.Do they have good food up there?

Mr Barry
those dang aliens stole my dog, and I want it back, do you hear me aliens? Give me back my Rusty.

I would ask the aliens why do they always look so ugly

Alfred Omega
I am convinced that Aliens would want to eat us like we eat animals on Earth. I would like to meet one to ask if they are going to eat us and if so, how they would prepare us. I would rather they kill us humanely rather than, for example, boil us alive. That would be awful!

I would like to meet an alien with time travel capability so they could transport me back to January 20th 1991. I know where I would be at certain times, so I'd hunt myself down and beat some sense into myself so I didn't mess my life up for the following five years.

I saw a low flying aircraft with blinking lights at nighttime. It flew above me and the alien on board spoke to me in my head. "You know too much!" It was scary, but I still believe in aliens. It wasn't a hoax.

Meeting an alien would give us a perspective on what it means to be human: what is universal and what is part of us. How much or our values comes from the fact that we are omnivores that live in small social groups? Would aliens descended from solitary carnivores, or herbivores living in huge herds, have a completely different view? Is love a result of biology (our pair-bonding and parent-child relationships), and would asexual aliens that hatched from eggs have such a concept? What other emotions might they have that we know nothing of? Other human cultures are mind-boggling enough, a truly alien one would be unimaginable. That's why we need to actually meet them...

I would like to meet an alien to find out what life in outer space is like and to se if we are DOOMED

I want to know if there is an alien that looks a bit, well....wolflike.

Nevermind aliens, I just want a Dimensional Warp Generator. Does Geocomtex make those? Alternately, I'd need spare parts for a Generation 3 52 4350A watch unit.

sam udy
I would like to find out if there is life on mars.

I used to watch all the SF shows on TV - "Space Voyage", "The Black Dossier", "The Stranger", and the aliens on them were all Wrong - basically just humans with one feature exaggerated. I just know that Real Aliens would be more different than that.

I want to meet an alien to know where is ELVIS

Mr Hodge
I want to meet an ALIEN so I can have my body genetically engineered and go and live on an inhospitable planet. There I can meet "the queen" and take part in the conquest of the universe!!

I want to meet any alien, preferly good. I just want to get of this forsaken planet and go somewhere fun rather than boring old Earth.

Hello I am writing to you as I have always believed I am an alien. I often find myself completly at a loss with humanity and am pretty sure I am not part of your species. I sit and watch you fight your wars, kill and hurt each other in increasingly horrible ways & in my heart I know I cant be part of the same race, If I could meet another alien he/she/it could tell em perhaps where i come from and who my people are?

Daniel Fish
On Saturday, for a special treat, - An Alien, I'd Like to Meet, - I'd treat them well, I'd feed them jelly, - I'd help them to get on the telly.

Because they might have the answer to the key question: what is 24 across in the Cork Collector Weekly's Crafty Cryptic Crossword.

dont know because they are cool

I meet aliens everyday. They're called "Ooomans". I find them rather quaint if eminently exploitable.

I've seen one! It's five years old and she's my sister

as long as they won't kill me, id like one to play the drums for my band

I want to meet an alien so we can prove to the goverment and the rest of the world that THEY ARE REAL! And they might be kinda cute...

An alein would be so interesting to meet. Asking them about where they live. Humans would probably try to experiment on one though...

Hallam, aged 11
Aleins are technologically advanced, and it would make a great oppertunity to be part of something like that. Also you could take a photogragh of you with the alien, and communicate with the alien

Sean L
A woman at one of my workplaces, works in a dark office all the time, and when I was in to meet about something today, I noticed she has a second inner eyelid that blinks from side to side.. She also claims to be photosensitive..

I want to meet an alian because i believe they live between us here on earth and have been for years. I believe they hold the key to ideas and technology far behond our own.

I myself am like the doctor, i too came from another planet being the last of my kind, i would like to see an alien just to know im no the only 1 out here

Simon BJ
So that when we're gone, the end of intelligence isn't down to us.

On this island Earth, humans are alone and so dreadfully unique. With denizens from other worlds a bona fide reality, we could finally learn about ourselves as part of something much bigger.

Charles M
I am simply curious to learn how he/she/it lives and what's their homeworld look like.
Aliens don't exist. I've done 500 units of Seti@home in 5 years. If they were there a lot of people would have found them. Plus I believe everything the papers tell me about that alien hoax 2 weeks ago. I'll have my goodies now please

Sad crusader
I want to meet an alien to relieve this overwhealming sense of existential angst. And to travel. Travel would be good. But mostly to stop feeling so very alone, in this cold and lifeless universe..

I want to meet an alien to find out what they thought of ET.

I want to met an alien... sothat I can finally feel like there's more than just this world. know there's a galaxy and more out there we had thought, more mystery than we as a species alone have had, to know there's more than petty politics, that theres a wide universe full of mystery to explore. So we can finally unite and start thinking as a whole instead of divided against ourselves

The Lady
Don't those from other worlds, we are the aliens..

So I can ask why do we spend so much time wearing Digital Watches

Steve Searle
I want to meet an alien between the ages of 20 to 5000 for fun, friendship and maybe more... A non-smoker who likes cats, cuddles and staying on a saturday night.

Liam Rowbotham
I want to meet an alien because my x'Zork translator is faulty and I need assisstance in rebuilding it. With some decent Blorg I might be able to.

I want to meet an alien so I can ask it what they've done with Elvis, Lord Lucan and my cat.

I want to meet an alien so I can get a lift home.

Why? They might understand my morbid fascination for weasels.

Contact made with robotic aliens in australian outback near Uluru. After watching their ship land we tought we'd give them a gift to welcome them and sure up interplanetary relations with our new friends. All we had was some gold dust. How were we supposed to know it would kill them? Oh well, at least this Doctor chap who turned up was impressed with what we did.

I want to meet an alien because he might be my friend...

Why I want to meet an alien? Simple. Because I'm an alien. I've been all alone on this planet since the late '70s, and even then the dating scene was getting pretty thin.

Aliens just have great fashion sense...

Jamandell (d69)
I want to meet an alien because it would be REALLY cool! (As long as it wasn't evil and wanting world domination) But perhaps it will give me lots of money and elixir of life! Oh, I can't wait now!

loverly lolita
i would like to meet an alien so that I can discuss how to work my microwave

michael rose
I saw an alien and its craft once, near Bradwell in Derbyshire. Te craft was while, luminous and approximately 100 m long. The aliens were small dark and fast. This was 20 years ago, and I remember s as though it were yesterday...

I want to meet an alien because they may have a higher understanding than us. I want to meet one so i can see the stars!

I would like to meet an alien because .... It was like any other Tuesday night; I was sat in the garden with my cocoa and blanket, looking at the stars. Over in the vacinity (my spelling isn't so good, apologies for mistakes)of Venus a small red dot moved. Just a short wobble caught in my infra-red binoculars. The dot began to increase in size and finally reached a size of roughly a foot (without binoculars) from where I was sitting. It divided into two and both now spheres went their separate ways. I have since seen other, smaller spheres - maybe the original one was the "mother ship"? Who knows? I want to!

I was at an auction house a few weeks ago and came across a strange robot head. The notice with it said it was a prop from an old film but it seemed slightly alive to me. If I remember correctly it was bought by a young, slightly geeky lad who was scribbling down notes on a geocomtex PDA.

GSOH M NS Mid-20's. Looking for space-walks on beach, starlighted dinners etc, no more than 4 arms. Must supply own ship. No time-wasters or mental symbiotes please.

because they are kool

You should try to find the journalist James Stevens; he was investigating this Doctor and UNIT in the 60s and 70s, and probably knew a great deal. Unfortunately, he seems to have disappeared sometime in 1995.

Victor (remember me from last week)
I want to meet an alien becouse we could learn so much from them and they could learn so much from us.

Hey,I need to meet an alen right now! I need to find out what the goverment is hiding! I need to expose the goverment for hiding secrets from us! Do not believe the goverment, ALIENS EXIST!!!

I'd like to find out where they buy their towels

So I could kill it! Except for the race that the Doctor is part of, all other alien races are a menace to the universe! Look what the Slitheen tried to do! They tried to destroy the planet. It will happen again! It always does!

Mat Greenfield
I want to meet an alien because /i think of how interesting finding out if "The Doctor" that this site talks about really exists. I could learn things about other planets and teach aliens about out planet.

Jamie Irvine
I saw a strange thing in the sky flying past, at first I thought it was a military plane, but then I noticed it was the wrong shape and had a strange haze around it, then a glowing ball fell form the sky and I went over to it and it started making loud noises and I ran away, I'm sure it was an alien.

Mrs. Smith
I would like to meet an alien so I can whizz about in his flying saucer. My legs aren't as young as they used to be (I'm 81 you know) and buzzing about in a UFO would be a boon when I collect my pension. I wouldn't have to queue for the bus either. Also, if the alien had loads of eyes instead of 2 he could help me find my dentures. I've lost them again and am getting fed up liquidizing my meals in the blender.

What?! Are you joking who would want to meet an alien? Not after last weeks happenings when they tried to kill us and before that, The Dummy Massacre happened. I haven't even got started on the Doctors mentions in the past and present, leaving nothing but destruction. You are kidding right? All they want to do is kill us and hurt us!

William Lekiera
It was in my house, I came down in the middle of the night for a snack, and found it, sliding out of my fridge, it may have been my grandmothers meat loaf, but we can never be too careful.

I want to meet an alien so I can be friends with it and not drill big flippin holes into it.

I want to meet an alien... just because I do! And nothing is going to stop me!!! And I'm not taking NO for an answer!!!

laura rae chapman
I would like to see an alien because I find out about them and why they came and what they want to do.I would also like to find out what they are feeling and to try and help them if they need it.The best thing why I would like to see an alien is because I think that they are cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think my boss is an alien. He is very small but speaks in a strange accent, he tries to pass it off as Scottish but I'm not too sure. I think he is trying to take over the earth (or at least part of Yorkshire) He is dangerous. Believe me.
it was a dark dark night, i was walking down a deserted road and i saw a figure in the distance. as we got closer to each other i realised that this figure was not of this world he spoke to me in my head and said that the battery in his ship had died and he needed to contact home. i said that i had my mobile with me if that was any help. the alien said that it would be very helpful and took it from me. as he called i heard a terrib;e sound my battery had died. he slowly gave ne my phone back and continued on his way. inever saw him again.

Why do I want to meet aliens? For ths same reasons that I want to fly to distant stars and visit strange planets - to fill my need for adventure (or, quite possibly, I am completely mad).

So I can sell its body parts to the US Government in exchange for millions of dollars.

Alien Watcher
I want to meet an alien so I can be the first human to extend mankind further. Aliens are real. I am a believer.