Mrs. Smith
I hear voices all the time, dear. I'm 81 you know....

Mrs Baggs
I did hear something scary, but I thought it might be my husband listening to those silly radio dramas he loves so much.

I heard the voices, it's good to know I'm not alone! My family thought I was going crazy!

I found the voices quite disturbing, and quite frankly strange!

Emma Stagg
I heard a voice saying "I see dead people" on Tuesday...

Guy Anwar
Well, I was just sitting at home trying to write my latest short story, when I heard these strange voices telling me "Is this live?". I thought I was imaginging it, as in my story I was writing about a dentist being nailed to an electronic crucafix.

I heard the voice through the radio! it said that we were in danger.

OMG! I thought it was only me! I heard EXACTLY these voices. There was screaming, which was suddenly cut off, and then a few minutes later a frightened voice asked "Am I here?". I don't believe in ghosts, but with all those people who died, I had to sleep with the light on that night.

I think that something was radio transmitting 2 the dummies

Andy Whitehead
I heard in a press release from the Police that there was supposed to be a security guard down in the basement of the now destroyed department store building, whoose body was never found. If the security guard had been captured by whoever (or whatever...) criminals blew up the building last weekend, could the interference have come from his walkie-talkie, which he turned on and asked obvious questions into the radio (eg "where are we going?") to let his fellow security guards know that he had been captured. Believing it to be a joke, he may have asked "Is this live?". If a maintenance man or another security guard also had a radio, and was in the basement at the time, when viewers were watching the event on TV it would be quite possible to have heard the broadcast from the second radio. We can only wonder what fate befell the owner of the radio...

I seem to remember the voice being distinctly Irish. I hope it doesn't happen again; Guinness is the only Irish spirit I particularly want hanging around in my head...

Oh yes I hear them every night!!

David Mc Giveron
I too heard this disembodied voice, accompanied by what sounded like a crowd of people shouting and calling out. Perhaps it was a future echo of the disaster that was about to befall us, and the crowds were really the hundreds of frightened victims screaming in terror.

God I thought it was just me - I told loads of people I'd heard them, but no-one believed me, I thought I was going mad (again)

Yes - I heard the voices - they were strange and not quite human, as though they were a message from above.

I also heard ghostly laughing and cheering. Almost as if some evil entity knew what was about to happen...

The mysterious voice... isn't that tied with Loki from the old Norse myths? So maybe this Doctor is a trickster, a troublemaker of immense power and fickle humour... like the old Greek pantheon? I fear for those who see him, I really do.

M. Scott
After I got back to my hotel in London, I turned on the television. The sound was off but I thought I heard a faint whispering. I went over to the windows and the whispering started again and I think I heard, "Who can it be now?" Then I heard, "Where art thee gone unto nevermore." After all the strange goings on my third day of vacation, I had a difficult time sleeping that night.

so you wish to know of the doctor? well heres a story for you, or should I say a riddle..... At the begging God created the heavens and the earth and he saw it was good, the heavens groaned out in rapture as millions of angels saw with delight, all but one, the morning star; Lucifer, he sighed as he saw what eloha im was doing, creating a new race to enslave to his will, and with a great uproar he rebelled! a thousand years have passed and now he walks in the night observing the enslaved, especially one girl, a miss rose tyler so you see the doctor is the devil marilyn manson+pacman=EVIL!

Gerard Shannon
I did, and isn't it strange it happened before this 'Dummy Massacre'? Maybe what was ever controlling these dummies was picking up interference... who knows, it might have been what finally killed them?