I see one every day. It lives in my bathroom mirror!

Silly Dan
This is beyond a doubt the silliest urban legend I've ever heard of. The descriptions are inconsistent (he's tall! he's short! he's young! he's old! he's English! he's Scottish!), and the "sightings" are spread out over decades. Are we supposed the believe he's some sort of immortal master of disguise? Our century's version of the Comte de St. Germain?

And why are all these "alien" sightings concentrated in the UK? Aliens never invade, say, Canada? Please.

Mhm. About a week after the terrible detonation at No 10, I saw one of those 'persons' at a Tourist Stand next to Bond Street Tube Station, desperately trying to sell little toy rockets with the Union Jack printed on them. A mere coincidence?

I saw one. I was looking for my dad and got a bit lost - I'm not native to England, you see, just on a family holiday - and I got COMPLETELY lost. So anyway I was wandering through the streets, getting more confused by the minute, when I turned round a corner and saw something that looked like your picture! Well, I freaked out, and took off as fast as I could, getting more and more lost, when I barrelled into a man who I think might have been the Doctor... he pointed me in the right direction and suggested that I spend the next day or so in my hotel room. I didn't argue.

Aero The Dragon
I've seen the news. And I believe all of it. They're not tricking me.

Rosie Smith
Mickey, What did you see? I know what I saw; a hoax! the whole thing is a hoax everyone I know agrees.I am sorry to say but the pig and the alien featured on this site both look like somthing off some sci-fi series run by the BBC!

Terrance Docks
This morning I went for my check up at the now re-opened Albion Hospital. I was shocked and appalled to note that the canteen was cooking bacon! Talk about tactless!

i seeen an alien

John Doe Smith
I saw the crash landing and the "pig" if you can call it that. They now say it was all fake. How could someone come up with that? It could not have been a hoax!!! Anybody with me on this one?!

Mickey, can't you do any better than that, that looks like a drawing to me? Anyone with a computer and five minutes can make up a fake picture like that. The news told us it was all an elaborate stunt for the new Hitchhiker film, there are no aliens, there is no Doctor, get over it!

Clive, a number of people have tried to contact the website and the messages are obviously not coming through. Could the messages be being blocked?!? If you ever recieve this please look into this. thanks

Sir Patrick Moore
I have seen these aliens before, it dosent suprise me, i have seen most aliens... but the BBC always edit the sky at night, so i cant tell you.....

No way can this be a hoax, there is way too much damage, lots of money would be needed to do it which could be better spent.

I woke up in the middle of the night one time, and as I couldn't get back to sleep, I decided to go down-stairs.

When I got down I poured myself a glass of water and went to sit in the lounge. At that moment I heard a strange noise from outside. I looked out the window, I saw a faint green light down the street. As fast as I could I raced back to bed. Next morning I went to look closer and saw near to where the light was a shape that had just earth on it, no grass at all. Weird or what?

James Major
There was this big fat bloke down the chip shop, claimed he was Elvis but could well have been one of these Aliens.

Rob McCow
I don't know about aliens, but the cloth screens they placed around Big Ben to cover the damage up are very convincing. You can hardly see where the so-called Space Ship hit it.

I don't know if it was alien, but there's this obese Geography teacher works at my school and, my God, this week he was... well, "gassy" is the word that springs to mind. Funny thing was, the day after Big Ben was trashed by that space-ship, he didn't come in to work...

Markie, London
What's happened at 10 Downing Street? I've just seen a missile flying over whitehall and it looks like it scored a direct hit... everywhere's blocked off again and after last weeks spaceship sighting, surely they can't keep covering this up any longer? I don't know whether to move away from London, because things are getting really scary and strange now....

I was walking across Tower Bridge when this huge alien spacecraft flies overhead. Now the papers tell us that it was a hoax, but I know what I saw!

Joe smith
I walked past downing street and saw a blue light in the window. A strange man ran past holding a blue torch and muttering about what sounded like slithers.

Mrs. Smith
Well, I haven't seen the creature shown in the picture (Although it does look remarkably like my husband Leonard), but I have just experienced a rather extraordinary incident in our high street. I'd just had tea (some nice smoked fillet haddock - I don't like it to be boney - the bones get stuck under the plate of my dentures), and had just nipped out to visit my friend, Lily. Well, I'd had Mushy Peas with it and it started to react - wind something chronic I was suffering. Very embarrassed I was. My poor tummy was in turmoil and I was flatulating at a terrible rate when all of a sudden, this big helicopter lands in front of me and I'm surrounded by these soldiers with guns telling me not to move and saying I was an alien in disguise. Well the guns didn't bother me (I've seen it all in the Blitz..I'm 81 you know) but when they started proding me and trying to remove my cardie I was having none of it and hit out with my brolley. After a brief skirmish they realised their mistake and let me on my way. I left just as the ambulance came to take away the Captain... I'm sure the hospital will have no trouble removing my umbrella...