I saw her outside of University just the other day, she seemed a bit preoccupied. Say she was with a rather oldish fellow with some large ears and a leather coat. You don't think he's kidnapped her do you? Oh dear maybe I should have done something. I hope Rose is all right.

Artie D
She looks like a girl I entirely failed to get off with at a party in Islington. This other chap comes up and says something about a different planet, and they swan off.

John Smith
I had a wrong-number phone call from somebody called Rose Tyler, the other wednesday afternoon. She claimed she was calling from the year five billion - absurd, obviosuly a nutter!

Steve Woolfall
There was a girl that looked like Rose in the Grosvenor Museum, Chester this afternoon. She was with a chap that reminded me of that Casanova bloke so might not be the same girl. Strange !

Ryan Norman
Admit it! The CCTV "evidence" you have of the resteraunt is clearly falsified. Unless fo course you site has been hacked...... They could be tracking me, and everyone else! Be safe.

In a shopping centre called meadowhall @ 9:00am. raiding the coffee.

I saw her walking out of the lush shop with a 20 bathboms and a man which had short brown hair.

Ivan Livermore
How incredibly strange. This girl looks exactly like a girl in a rare picture of Charles Dickens I have amoungst my collection. The strange thing is that she has always been an unidentified girl in the photo it's actually quite a matter of contention. The similarity is uncanny. She may possibly be an distant relative I assume.

Wow, that picture of Rose looks identical to a girl called Rose I met back in 1987.

I saw her last year walking in Boston, near the Charles River.

Jonny Hall
Roaming the streets of Linclon at half past nine, rushing and running with a man, she was screaming and she had bruises all over, the incident was at 8:00 pm!

David Mc Giveron
I was on a family outing to the Lake District and got split up from the rest of the group during our walk. Wandering into an abandoned quarry i met a girl who looked identical to the one in this picture. She said her name was Rose, asked me if i'd seen a man in a leather jacket, then ran off.

David Collins
I saw her in a photo in on of my History lessons at school, i asked the teacher what year the photo was from she said, "1806"

Richard Hawton
I'm sure that I remember the face...but I can't quite place her. She looks so much like a student teacher that I had...back in 1976, surely it can't be her though!

Scott Nisbet
It's weird, but I have a history textbook at home, and there's a drawing of a girl in a white dress there who looks just like this Rose Tyler girl. Thing is, this picture comes from the early nineteenth century. Must be a family lineage or something?

Okay... this is weird. Clive, I assume you've got a lot of archived stuff with the Doctor's image. Go and look at the Bayeaux Tapestry. Your Doctor is standing next to a blue box with a figure remarkably like this Rose girl.

Mark Young
I collect old Daguerreotype photographs from the 1840's and found a family portrait with a striking resembance to this girl you mention. I wouldn't consider it worth mentioning if it weren't for the fact that her face only appeared in the picture since yesterday.

I saw her in an old family Photo from the 1920's. It was a Wedding photo, and she was accompanied by a strange man in a leather jacket. it's funny, it looked like she was walking toward a old 1950's Police box...But the photo was taken in the 1920's.... Hey, What is going on here???

Nigel Dawson
Yup, saw her yesterday outside Wetherby Whaler, eating something out of newspaper. She was walking towards the bridge.

Mr Mystery
I have seen her before. But i cannot tell you where or when, for i am Mr Mystery.

Ryan Daly
She Was Walking Up My Street At 20 Hundred Hours (Or 8:00pm) And She Spat Out Some Gum. I Shouted "Hey You!" But She Ran Off.

the camera footage on your site is a CLEAR FORGERY - the clock times on the cameras are only one second apart, yet different things are going on in each frame. ADMIT YOU ARE PART OF THE CONSPIRACY

polly loughlin
i saw her in a photo at my friends house. When i asked her how she knew her my friend thought i'd gone mad

S C Wallace
Yeah man, I saw her. Right outside WHSmith she was, and WOW!!