He did get rather large all of a sudden. It's almost like he's got a whole other person inside him.

He could just be wearing a pile of kevlar vests under his suit. I hear he has a lot of enemies.

Someone,quite cleary,has been eating a lot of pies.

Another Canuck
MP Joseph Green put on so much weight recently because like all politicians he is full of hot air

Someone, quite clearly, has been eating a lot of pies.

Well, being a MP and all he has the weight of england to run on his shoulders.

Muntjac Man
He was spotted in Somerfield supermarket in Halstead on 14th April buying 100 cans of insect repellent spray.

Rice Pudding for everyone

surely its just down to inflation?

Too much junk food. Eat apples.

I agree that it's just mean to attack the man for his weight problem, especially when his recent speeches have been so, well, shall we say, unfocused. I mean, "Our nation has nothing to fear at this time except... except the Big... Bad Wolf." What was THAT about?

Wow, you go all X-files just because an MP gained some weight? And where does your mysterious Doctor fit into all of this, Green's new dietician? And it's not like he's the only one at Westminster gaining weight, they're all probably just getting some American burgers or something.

Please be nice people -- he probably has some type of health condition.

Maybe he's just going in for being a political heavyweight... (groan)

Bert Digby
I'm convinced it's just the usual luxuries at Westminster. Nothing to get hot and bothered about

Steve Kelley
Include details of your sighting here.He did look somewhat ill at a press conference, that was broadcast last week. He kept adjusting his very ill-fitted suit, and taking drinks of water. At the time I only assumed that he was nervous for some reason, but now that you mention it, he did seem somewhat peculiar..... I'll scan some news sites for more info.....well now since Clive is gone, what can we call you?

kev c
Rare politician. He's got guts.

You people are always trying to stir up trouble. It is obvious that this is just a strange camera angle -in the same way that all of your other conspiracy theories are clearly forged. I don't believe this Rose girl ever existed.

I think the Doctor is merely a smokescreen to distract you from the truth. Mind you, what that is is anyone's guess.

I think there is no doctor and this is something the US government wants us to be distracted from their own goal of global domination in an attempt to publicise mental health!

I believe in the doctor but i do not think this MP is fat because of him

Government Offical
Please cease this. THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT CORRUPT. DO NOT CONTINUE. This is your first warning.

He told me it's glandular. What's up with you people? Don't you believe your local MPs any more?

Dave Pashby
Just another fat cat.

MAybe it's a lot of Spirits inside his body all over 40 proof!

I have no idea who he is, but thats just mean.. :P

Michael H.
"This breakfast is Atkins, apart from that bread, that bagel, those beans, those Weetabixes, that toast, that marmalade...

Phil Arnold
Aliens, has to be aliens.

Dr P Ware
Noting sinister. Just Wind.

Nu Wong
He is feeding off the Prime Minister's lifeforce.

Mr Deacy
You guys are all conspiricy loonies and really should get out more. Mr Green is doing a very good job indeed and could well do without this kind of nonsense. You'll be telling me next that he's really an alien! Do grow up.

Ben Swithen
Here in Yorkshire we were recently warned of a worldwild banana shortage due to 'unseasonal weather conditions'. Maybe that's not where it ends - maybe the government have been warned, and are stocking their stomachs up while food still lasts. We have a right to know.

Craig O.
Maybe he ate his nearest rival in the polls.

a friend
may be it's not just his spirit in his body.

Well i must be quick but i X-rayed Mr Green a while back, it seems he has a Parasite growing within him, it must be related to the doctor, i know by submitting this information the government will make me Disapear...but those dummies killed my family. i have nothing to live for.

I have a friend whose brother's fiancee works for the canteen at Westminster... Apparently Mr Green was the one who ate all the pies.

Andy Fawcettt
There's an election coming up, all the MPs are full of hot air! I Thought that was obvious lol