I saw them in london last year they were saying something about chips.

Sarah Jane Smith
Well I always knew he'd be back. I saw him several times, back in the late 70s. Both of him. The older guy, and then all teeth and curls. I miss him.

Luci Ernaga
My grandmother has an old photo of her dog she had as a kid, playing near a park bench in Portugal. Behind the dog you can see the feet of someone sitting on the bench, and it looks like a girl wearing a tracksuit and trainers. Did they have those in the 1920s??

Natasha Richardson
I saw the two of them under the clock in Guildford. I nearly didnt recognise the Doctor as he had changed his jumper.

This photo of Dickens I can believe is real, but the "enhanced" images of Rose and the Doctor MUST be fake! In the whole photo the two people are so blurry no computer could enhance them that well. It is a sham!

If you find him bring him to me...!

The photo is an obvious fake -- it has to be. This "Doctor" character is wearing clothes straight from the 21st century, and in 1869, portraits of this type were impossible -- an exposure lasted one or two seconds in broad daylight. In any case, how can the same man appear in photos right up to the present day? That would make him about 150 years old. Are we supposed to believe that this "Doctor" is some kind of time traveller? Maybe he's met HG Wells and Leonardo da Vinci as well? Perhaps you'd like to tie him in with the disappearance of Susan Foreman in 1963?

Looks like the young lady who's gone missing from our departmental store with our Lotto money...We could have been millionaires by now.

Cara and Matt
We spotted them whilst on holiday in Margate last year. They appeared to be investigating a large, suspicious-looking sand castle. Very odd.

Reginald Jones
He's sitting in the other room. I've stalled him, but for who knows how long... I offered him a spot of tea but I think he's disconnecting my antenna from my television at the moment... No sign of "Rose." I'm afraid to ask.

I saw the Doctor and Rose hanging around the great tower of london. The Doctor was looking around rose was with him!

Eastbourne, he said I wouldn't be here long. I now live in Cardiff.

suresh kumar
Tasy Bite on Kingsley Road in Hounslow, they were ordering a hamburger.

Brandon Lightloafer
I saw them at the Goat pub in the town of Berkhamsted, they were muttering something about saving the town castle from being destroyed?!

at dundee

Alex of Dundee
I saw him at the railway station today. He said the train's not been this late since the bridge fell down.

Richard Kyanka
That man asked me if I had stairs in my house. I told him that and didn't and he said that I was protected. I still have no idea what this meant.

Either being a fat-cat capitalist is finally affecting our deputy PM's arteries, or he's an alien and has been getting fat from eating people.

at bognor regis pier