Sandy and Jackson
It was horrific. I heard a noise in my son's bedroom. When I went in his Wrestling figures had come alive. It was like something out of Small Soldiers ... I tried to escape but suddenly I felt burning in my eyes as if my contacts were made of acid. I blacked out after I saw all the Crazy Bones crawling up my legs.......

I was chased by a dozen female dolls. I thought they fancied me, until they started shooting me. I hid in a public toilet. I think the smell turned them off.

Mark Fraser-Betts
I was in Chelmsford High street having coffee with my girl friend. She dropped her coffee and I thought she was mucking around but then I saw the dummies coming towards us, we just ran out of there. I thought we were going to die.

One of them dummies were actually quite nice looking. She come up to me and I said to her, "What's a nice girl like you doing in clothes like that?" So, we went back to my place. Everything was going wonderfully until, suddenly, she flops over on the floor and stops moving! I never have any luck with the ladies...

I was in a sports shop at the time. There was one in a ninja costume throwing death stars at the customers. It was horrific!

They got my Puppy!

Adam Toosard
My dads missing! He's the cleaner at a famous waxworks in London and we haven't seen him since the weekend... you don't think this could be related? The police are saying nothing...

It wasn't a doll, but I could swear I saw a load of plastic traffic cones start moving and screwing up the traffic...

I was drinking at the Captain Kidd by the Thames, when a boat full of these dummies went past. And when they waved at me I nearly scream so loud... This Really Happened!

Mark Adams
Stephen Whithorn is right, I was there too! A dummy dressed as charlie chaplin came out a shop right by the Hippodrome! It was terrifying!

I was doing my paper round, it was quite late and i decided i would take a shortcut through the town. I walked past a shop a noticed somthing moving. I turned and saw a ghastly plastic dummie walking towards me. I did the only thing i could do. I made my Ki-ai then preformed a roundhouse kick. The head went flying off but the dummie kept moving. I then realised i was being shot at. A near-by dead person had left his moped running on the ground. I jumped on then drove away. I turned my head then realised the dummies were collapsing on the floor. But i did not stop and carried on as fast as i could (about 30 mph). I got home then collapsed of sheer energy desperation and saw the whole story on the news later.

Billy Hopper
I was patrolling (im a policeman) when I saw the man in the photograph followed by a young lady run down by the Thames. I decided to tell them that they were not allowed there so I followed them into a big room. There was some molten lava stuff moving around and the man started talking to it. It was moving. Then the place started to rumble and shake and plastic dummies came and grabbed the man. I think I passed out at that point. A couple of hours later I woke up and found that the lava stuff was gone and everyone had gone. I told the sergeant but he didnt believe me. Am I mad or did I see that stuff?

i was shopping for my new shoes when my mom screamed and then i fainted

Andrew Davidson
I have one question. If the dummies were wax/plastic, how did they get the metal guns in theier hands? Just a thought. Also, my brothers action man tried to decapitate our dog. The dog hasnt eaten anything in 2 days. Poor Wishbone! Andrew Davidson (aged 13)

Tony Green
I had the misfortune to be in The Early Learning Centres at the time. Fortunately animated Teletubbies, Fimbles, and Disney characters don't run very fast, and I made good my escape.

Oh my god they've made it to Canada!!!!

Ryan J. Woodward
It was the scariest day of my life, if i not missed my tube connection that day then i would surely have died instead of just getting the bus past the scenes of chaos. Plastic monsters, this consumer society has gone too far...

Bob Dangler
I'm a security guard who patrols the Derbyshire Country Council Rubbish Dump in Glossop near Manchester - They get a lot of industrial waste from shops and department stores - so they have problems with scavengers. Last Saturday night I heard some suspicious sounds and went to investigate - I found a couple of shop window mannequins wandering about over the mountains of rubbish as if they were lost - they never saw me. I legged it. No one believes me!

I knew Toy Story was a documentary!!

Mark Young
I'm a surgeon at DWM Hospital where they brought in some of the casualties. Once particular similarity that I noticed was the shape and composition of the bullets I found lodged in the victims: First of all, all the bullets were made of a plastic compound. But the weirdest thing was that in many cases it seemed that the bullets had began to warp into very distinctive shapes. Some were humanoid, as if they had changed shape after entering the body. One particularly nasy example bore the face of the victim!

They invaded my garden, luckly at the time I was having a big fire burning all the compost and garden rubbish. They approached me, but got too close to the fire. They all melted causing great damage to my garden and ruining my strawberry patch!

rouen atconson
Wasn't all this rigmarole put down to students having a bit of a lark? I'm sure I read something about it in the papers. I think some of the students involved must have broke into my house because when I got home all my plastic kitchen appliances were waiting at the door (I guess supposedly to make it look like they were trying to get out of the house?). Young people today just have no respect for other peoples property.

Yeah last week my action man went crazy and i eventually had to nuke him in the Microwave!!!!

I was in the local working mens and everybodys cigarette lighters exploded in ball of flame all at once and the buttons on the bandit tried to swallow my mate cookies fingers. My mate Tingle needed a fag to calm down from the shock but nobody had a match. My other mate Loga was at home but the cable on his playstation pad tried to strangle him he cut himself free and now needs a new pad!!!

Simon B
The first time i saw the killer dolls was at Tribal Gathering in 1997. There were four of them in the gang and they called themselves "Kraftwerk".

Dr. J. Smith
As a spokesman from the Meteorological Office, I can confirm that this is nothing more than a combination of mass hysteria, and hallucination brought on by the Earth passing through the electromagnetic tail of a large comet. Equally, the explosion at Henrik's department store, which some have claimed is connected with the so-called rampage was caused by a gas leak. Thankyou, and I hope you all continue to maintain such refreshing interest in extraordinary phenomena.

I was chased for half a mile by crazed Tupperware, I will never take packed lunch to work again.

The plastic chair in the living room ate my mom.

The Master
Hold On - isn't Clive dead? Whose running this website?!

I work for NCAP and today was the day the crash test dummies rebelled

I am sure you were all the audience of a small street act in which actors pretend to be shop dummies that kill people and actors who pretend to be members of the audience getting killed etc. Autons- Uhh i mean shop dummies definetly did not come alive and kill anyone now please try to forget the entire event but remember to keep buying good ol' plastic!!

Fortunately, I was attacked by the Emile Heskey waxwork....

I, for one, welcome our new plastic overlords

Some of you may think this not true - but belive me it is! I was in Wollworths with my mate Sharon, when suddenly the dummies came to life! Before they moved i told Sharon that i though there was a burning smell - and when all the dummies started walking around and shooting people the smell of burning plstic was everywhere! Sharon was shot in the leg and my handbag was shot. It was the most scared i've ever been in my entire life.

David Irwin
I saw the mannequins and thought at first they were some extras from a low budget sci fi series. Guess I was wrong.

mark, portslade
in my local high street is a lifesize figure of elvis in the window of an arcade. at first when he started twitching his leg i though it was a gimmick but then he smashed through the window and started shooting at the passers by! i have to confess i was all shook up by the incident.

Steve T
I was part of a multi-media fashion/art troupe performing a living sculpture in a shop window display when suddenly all the real dummies came to life, shattered the glass, and started shooting people! I freaked and ran out through the broken window, still dressed as a dummy, and then a gang of old ladies said "There's one, smash its arms, that's where its guns are!" I fell down and one of them drove her disabled buggy over me. I was screaming "I am not an alien, I am a human being!" but I don't think they believed me.

Suddenly, all the actors and sets in Neighbours seemed to come alive !

Man they were mean, I thought it was some stage show and laughed until the cutey pie next to me was shot in the leg. There was blood and everything!

The whole thing was total chaos. People were running around and screaming, the mannequins were firing bullets from their hands, there were explosions all around. Then suddenly the mannequins starting breakdancing (badly i might add) then collapsed and it was over! Of course I was shook up, but not too shaken to take advantage of the broken shop windows. Now my wardrobes full of designer labels and I've got a nice big plasma screen TV.

it was my brothers birthday and i was out to buy him a present when there was a smash and explosion at my feet when i woke up and all the dummies were dead!!!

John Coe
I was in Southampton at the weekend, shopping as usual, suddenly a window shattered near me and all hell broke loose. There was panic in the shopping centre and shop manicans were walking around. I can't believe they were aliens - it must have been students mucking around. Though it did cause panic.

Stephen Whithorn
I was in Bristol when these people started attacking every one. It occured outside the Bristol Hippodrome, luckily the Police were on scene very quickly. I thought they were students mucking around, until, until they fell to the floor... I couldnt believe it, they were dummies.

pedro montez
Did you see the killer dolls and live? Tell me your story. Yes I did and I had to run even faster than the train.

alasdair huggan ( 10 )
mum and dad and me were shopping and they made me run very fast to the car park, dad drove home very quickly. i thought something strange was going on but they wouldn't tell me what happened. are these pictures real ?

I was shopping at M&S when it happened. I smelt some kind of a burning smell. I guess it was the plastic remoulding itself to move freely. The mannequins started to move! I was dumbstruck and just stood there not daring to move. I was finally pulled by one of the shop assisstants shouting, "Run!" At that point, a death doll crashed its hand in to the window display and started to walk menacingly towards me. I guess it smelt my living flesh. I didn't know what else to do but throw the jam scones in to its industrial beige face and run like a crazed chicken. Out side it was chaos. People were confused and trnsport was all in a mess becuase of the distruction byt the plastic death dolls. I was very scared. I tried calling mum but phone was off and I feared she might be dead. Although thank god, it wasn't true in the end. I stepped out on to the river bank outside the shopping mall. I noticed the London Eye iridescent blue and beaming out a strange blue disk like radiation. I decided to hide in one of the roadmasters lying on the street and wait for it to calm down but fell asleep. I was exhausted.

It was really scary, I was in The Gap shopping for a new pair of jeans, and all the dummies came to life!!!! It was so freaky, I thought it was some stupid publicity stunt until they started shooting everyone, and I ran screaming out of the shop, and I only just realised I had the jeans still on when I did, so some good came of all this, eh?

I was with my dad and all these window shop dummies came to life!

Big Tone
I was in Bromley Allders with the Wife checking out the closing sale,we'd just walked into a section selling of the shop fittings when all of a sudden the Mannequins came alive!! Tons of them wandering about naked! I was gobb-smacked but you should has seen the look on the wifes face when there WEAPONS popped out!!

I was in Burtons just come out of the changing room when two shop dummies started to move, just dumped the clothes and ran, sod this i thought..

I was in a flower shop in Birmingham when it happened, I think there were only a dozen or so of them in the arcade. I hid behind a counter when I saw someone scream and fall, and I didn't dare look till the screaming stopped. I found one near the exit, and I kicked it, it was just plastic. I took the hand though, but now I don't know what to do with it. I tried taking it apart but I couldn't find a battery or bullets or anything.

i was in the cloths shop and all the dolls cam to live we ran out in time

It wasn't the mannequins that scared me. It was the Action Man figures trying to crawl up my trouser legs that did me in!

i'm going to let my kids put out the rubbish from now on!

Alicia Darby
The shop window dummys - they came to life and surrounded me. I tried to push past them but it was no good. I cowered in the middle of them and prayed that someone would save me. They were answered - the dummys stopped moving and fell to the ground twitching. Who saved us all???? Whoever you are - thank you!!!

Jamie Ward-Brown
My mate Simon claims to of seen them moving in the window of Top Shop but I reckon he was drunk.

My laptop tried to bite me! I had to force it shut by piling books on top of it. It certainly was not a good day...

MD Smith
Oh Yes I'm alive to tell the tail. I thought I was dreaming, no air getting to my lungs, I felt like I was drowning! Covered in sweat I woke to find that my nylon hypo-alegenic Duvett was trying to kill me. I had to fight the thing off. Suddenly it stopped wresting with me. It all went quiet. I could hear screaming in the street outside my bedroom window. The next day I knew that it was related to the plastic death threat!

Devillo the Worm
Well I always knew Burbury Clothes were the mark of the devil, but I never thought that Burburry Killers would be made of Plastic!!!! I never was much of a Selfridges fan 9Just pop in for the Mac display's downstairs) but I think I was traumatised for life. However, I saw about 10 Chav's who had been giving me a hard time minutes before gunned down by the Plastic creatures, so they couldnt have been that bad. Call me what you will, but Its amazing how fast you can run and how long you can stay alive when the world around you is exploding with gunfire and your hopping and leaping randomly just to avoid Death. Im positive some of the Dummies were just watching me wondering what the hell I was up to. Always confuse your enemy. And run like Bloody Hell.

Danny Hassal
I was in Marks & Spencer's lingerie department, trying to persuade my girlfriend to buy bras, stockings, swimwear and various other nightwear when suddenly the dummy's began to move of their own accord. For a brief moment I felt like I was a babe magnet!

Possibly the scariest moment of my life! What on earth was going on????

My mother was shot!!!!

Anton Dekk
This is probably nothing to do with your story but a guy was found dead in the packing room of a mail-order company I work for. He swallowed roughly 2ft of bubble wrap. suicide apparently...

Rob Vincent
I don't know if this is related, but just as I was phoning my mother the cord on my telephone tried to strangle me. She thought it was a prank call. Today I fianlly went and bought a mobile.

Thomas Walters
I was looking in a shop window in the evning and the dummies started to move, I thought it was funny......until the smashed the windows.

Die Hard
I saw them when walking down the street in my home town of ST.Albans near B.H.S. the smashed through the glass and started shooting I ran into the nearest shop without minikins and hid till it was over it wasn't only London that was ATTACKED!!!

I live in California, but I was talking on the phone with a friend in London, and suddenly the phone receiver got really warm and sort of sticky and started moving. I freaked and dropped it on the floor. I think the plastic in my phone was coming to life too. I'm still too freaked out to use the phone again.

Vico Polard
They were like oaahh and i was like achhhh and they were like Bang

Lance Harrington
I saw them INSIDE Woolies!

inflatable sofas in camden market - saw two spanish teenagers get very messed up. and the mannequins outside Punkyfish. Painted on smiles as they shot down five kids in Blink 182 t-shirts as they tried to run away but tripped on their baggy black trousers. I just hid amongst the tie dye and prayed...

George Pardonly
My vast collection of wrestling figures went straight into the bin this morning, I can tell you!

I was in Top Shop when one of these dummies came towards me. She was more helpful than the usual staff.

tim & amelia
we had just bought a present for my dads birthday,a scalf when one of the dummies lunged at my baby sister. my instinct was to turn & run but i could not . i dragged my sister to a nearby display cabinet and hid inside. we somehow went overlooked by these in-human plastic things as they went about murdering inocent shoppers, who's only thoughts were of getting home to watch those cheeky chaps on the telly? we were lucky others died that night!

Lakeside in Essex was awash with murderous mannequins. Im getting an office job.

i was shopping for a wedding dress when the manaquins came to life i ran and jumped on to a empty bus and duked down as i di this hundreds of bullets were shot into the bus just above my head then they all fell to the floor and started twitching and smelled of burnt plastic!!!

I was walking in home town of walsall, and these manaquins just burst out the windows, and i don't mean the full ones, the half manaquins with no heads silver coloured , the hand cam e apart and i just ran they gunned down anything in site, it was monstrous

Rob Wampum
i was jumped by several white mannequins. they were dressed rather fashionably and i was not. i noticed that the paler and more well dressed the bystanders were, the less they were attacked. i think this conspiracy some how involves the all the fashion companies. i don't have a any proof...just a gut insticnt.

brent wilson
i was sitting behind the till at work when i heard shooting from out side and people run i ran as fast as i could and survived with a wound in my shoulder

I was about to go late night shopping when suddenly a huge mass of these things lurched out of a department store. I was about to call the Police when suddenly they started to collapse. Some of them twitched on the ground where they fell, it was really eerie and disconcerting. Was this an act of terrorism? Who is this "Doctor" and how is he linked up in all this?

geoff pavey
i was shoppping in dixons ports when the dumys came to life and their front of their hand fell down and started to shoot people and all of a sudden they all fell to the ground on stoped moving

Feel sorry for the dress-makers altering dresses...

Derek McEwan
I didnt see Dummies but my Gamecube controller tried to bludgeon me

My friends and I were shopping in Topshop when all the manikins started shooting at us, my frind was shot in the leg!

I was in toy 'r' us with a mate when the barbie dolls came to life. Hundreds of them - breaking their way out of their boxes - they were biting peoples ankles and tying peoples shoelaces together in order to trip them up - it was a nightmare.

I was the Meadowhall shopping mall, Sheffield. Being a Saturday night, the sounds of screaming and the crush didn't really notice at first. Then the Debenhams cardigan display came to life and there was bodies piled up to the ceiling in Millets. I might give it a miss for a couple of weekends, to be honest.

super metcalfe
i could not belive it at first; the plastic dolls were smashing down the windows and terrorising people

Andy Rice
Shot my best friend! I had to run for my life!

i was so scared i ran into a pack of cyberdog manequins

We were in Harrods when 20 child sized dolls came to life, lunging at me and my family.....

They had surrounded me and cornered me up against a shop wall. I realised that these were shop dummies and then i felt glass break behind me and two hands grab around my neck. I was struggling to get them off but then, as if by magic, they seemed to malfunction and they all collapsed on the floor. I was lucky...

Why do people think they're aliens? They're clearly robots. Didn't see any myself but - weird things like this have been going on since *at least* the 60's - more power to the Clives in this world!

Quentin George
David Beckham figure DIDN'T kill people? That's what "they" want you to believe...

Plastic AJ
I saw the killer dolls and I started running. The last time I was so scared of plastic was when I had run up a 20,000 pound debt on my credit card.

the dolls started moving my son stopped and said look dad robots i stoped but as i turned my head the window smashed my son screamed and ran away i chased him but was hit in the leg if you have seen a 4 year old boy with brown hair contact me thankyou

Dr Noah
Obviously a mass-hallucination caused by fast food.

They were in the shop windows, and just kept crashing out. I thought we'd just run until they got these guns out. They kept blocking the stairs, so escaping was near impossible. We just found a corner to hide in.

They just had hands drop of and started blasting the life out of people. they got chaz, asur, even joey. I it ever happens again i'll be reardy to crack some heads.

they chased us in manchester! they had guns! in their hands! omg!

This was totally a ragweek stunt, I've got friends at LSE and they swear theyd been planning it for weeks. Those people who died must just have had heart attacks or something.

Liam McShane
I was shopping with my girlfriend when all of the windows broke and the manikins starting moving. People started screaming and we ran all of the way to my sister's house. What were they?

Glyn Evans
My little girl's plastic toys have just started making noises for no reason. Seriously.

Mark A. Scott
No I wasn't there as I live in the U.S., but I can't believe this web site. Reminds me of concert in the 70's with John Lennon and Yoko Ono--very scary.

bazza smith
bentalls, kingston - they came smashing out of the windows

Nah mate, nuttin

It was like a nightmare! I was in Marks & Spencers and then the manequins sprang to life and began to fire weapons from their hands. I just about escaped with my life. This is the first I've spoken about it. I thought I was going mad because there was no mention of it in the News or the Papers?! Who could possible want to cover something like that up?!

they came staggering down the street, lurching blank-faced things wearing burberry, no expression at all, nothing that could be considered human, just sheer brainless malice

Nigel Dawson
I was shopping, just shopping, a quick dash into the arcade to get some jeans, then it happened, movement, out the corner of my eye... the shop dummies were moving... like they were alive, ALIVE! but then ... they didn't want anything else to live!!!! they started shooting... the hands opened and started blasting... killing . I just stood still for what seemed like days, must have been just a second... I saw people ... falling, dead! then everything seemed to go far away, the sound was different I felt ... removed from what was happening then a dummy turned towards me, it raised it's hand, no gun! then I ran, RAN, RAN!!!!! so much confusion, screeming, death, all around then.... it just stopped... the dummies stopped, they fell I don't know why, or what happened, no one speaks about it now, some people know someone who is 'missing', the police say 'an incident'.... Do you know what happened Clive?????

Doctor Tyres
Working in Etams when they suddenly lunged at me! Hands everywhere! Clawing me, touching me! I ran like the clappers but the bloody doors were locked...I screamed like a big girl and they seemed to like that!

I was lucy to escape with my life

Terry & Nic
It was terror - shop dummies dressed in George from ASDA clothes pointing things at me. Ahhhhhh

I was just walking down the street and all of a sudden I heard this mighty crash, before I had chance to turn and look what the racket was this thing had jumped onto my head. Well I thought it was a mugger at first but I stumbled into the middle of the road when a bus hit me - knocking off the figure. What a fright I had when I realised it WAS a plastic doll wearing the latest Gucci suit, it must have cost him a fortune - to say I was shocked is an understatement.

24 hour plastic people. Scarier than Shaun Ryder

Don't know about showroom dummies, but the plastic flowers in the flat went mental!

I saw them! It was extra terrible for me, because I already had a pathological fear of mannequins, and now I can't leave the house! I'm terrified!

Just saw the bit on the main site about the David Beckham waxwork. THIS IS A LIE!!! I was there, it did go nuts and started trying to kick people to death. Lucky for us it kept missing and kicking way above people’s heads, I’ve never been so scared!!!

Bob The Job
they where everywhere man,bad dolls, bad dolls.

Been round this neck of the woods for ywars, I live in Brighton and they invade regularly for their party political conferences...

Mick Gair
I did indeed encounter one of the so-called 'plastic death dolls', but, um, it's rather embarrassing, to tell the truth. There I was, in bed, with... um... Well, anyway... I had to call the Fire Brigade to extract me from its deathly embrace. That's all I'm saying.

Andrew McCarty
Yes, I saw it. It was GEAR!

No, I didn't see them because they unfortunately did not have a way of making it to the USA. ;)

Luke Norris
They were everywhere!! I had to run behing a tree then just as i got down the shooting began!! a kind of sizzling sound and there was a terrible smell. When they died it was such a relief i'm never going to London again!!!!

I was on a bus when i saw these huge explosions infront of us then the whol bus went over. I was conered by a chid dummie before it fell to the ground ded

Tom D Kerin
I was just walking past the shop windows and the dummys, they came alive. at first I thought it was some kind of joke; fund raiser or something like that. It was only when they started machine gunning people in the street that I realised that something was wrong.

Didn't see it myself, though my mate Dave swears blind his sprite bottle tried to eat his face. This isn't the first time this has happened, either. I heard rumours of a government cover-up of something similar in the 70s. Or was it the 80s? Anyway, sorry to hear about clive. Keep fighting the good fight!

I saw them smash down a window and shoot a policeman! Their hand sort of swung open and there was a gun built in to it! I think it's a secret government bioweapon gone wrong.

Scott, Stoke-on-Trent
It wasn't just in London, it seems to have been happening everywhere, got a call from a friend who was passing the potteries shopping centre in Hanley and swears that the cleaning staff were being chased by the dummies from the clothing shops, I thought he'd started drinking early.

Sakura Parker
They killed my Sister, but it's all hush hush. Freak weather accident officially of course, but we know the real truth: viva la resistance...

I saw the Dolls... SCARED!!

I saw them outside Woolies!