Did you see the crash? Tell us here!I noticed when the ship was going down it sounded like an old world war 2 fighter plane.Why would that be - maybe the aliens decided to dub corny sound fx over the top so we could guess it was a hoax.

Lennie Lemming (Australia
Yeh, i saw it on TV too. I reckon it might be a hoax though. Aliens that look like pigs?? Sheeshhh.....

I was on my first vacation in years. I saw the crash through my video camera! I tried to get closer, but your army wouldn't let me anywhere near. They even took my camera! I want to know who to contact to get it back! I'll tell you this. I was scared out of my mind on the flight home!

Emit Dorl
While I was watching the alien crash on the news on tele (it seems to be all there is at the moment) I noticed what I thought to be The Doctor and Rose being escorted into Number 10 Downing Street. Tell me I wasn't imaginging that did anyone else see that in the news footage? I so wish I had been taping it so I could have send it in.

Chris Kay
It flew over Kidderminster! The sky went dark and this odd shadow passed over. One of the fuel canisters dropped off. Oh, God! It's here in the house! Oh..... NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was site seeing with my family when there was a really loud humming! i didn't have a clue what was happening and suddenly this huge ship flew stragiht over and crashed into big ben! The sound was immense i saw all the shards of big ben falling from the sky! i was really scared but was told to evacuate the area!

Wolfgang Emilio
You're all so lucky! I wish I'd been there, actually BEEN THERE to see the spaceship land in London! I don't care if it was flown by a pig. It just means we need to accept all life on Earth as capable of so much more!!!

The Doctor aint involved. He has been in Glasgow for the last 6 months at least. I see him regularly near the Blue POlice box on Buchanan Street

David Anton
I'm an American who was visiting London at the time. I know it was a government hoax because as the "spaceship" flew past my hotel window I distinctly heard the sound of an ordinary horn as would be on a large hauling truck. Now I ask you--would "aliens" have installed such a horn? Coincidence? Yeah, right!

Mrs. Smith
Well, I was out visiting the London Eye, it was a trip organised by my son, David (He's a good boy!.) We'd been in the glass pod thing and had just reached the top of the wheel when I heard this almighty roaring sound and saw all this smoke. I thought it was the Blitz all over again. I saw this thing fall from the sky and it took the side right off old Big Ben before crashing into the Thames. David went to pieces (he gets it from his father's side) but I just carried on with my knitting. At my age nothing phases you. I'm 81 you know.

Andy H
I didn't see the crash but I was visiting my nan in Albion Hospital when all these army men turned up and turfed everyone out. Apparently they put the alien in there. There were men with guns everywhere and despite what was going on they kept telling us there was nothing to see. Yeah, right.

Bartholemew Anderson
Is it me or are there alot more people walking around with bad flatulence problems?

D Cheddar
I saw it on TV - clever, but I reckon it was CGI or models or something. Lighting and shadows were all wrong for the time of day. Another hoax, just like the moon landings.

Terrance Docks
The Aliens are fake! I have a friend, who knows someone that works for the Government. He say's it's all an elaborate insurance scam, because the Government are finding it difficult to meet the costs of maintaning Big Ben. Mark my words there will be another "alien attack" on the millenium dome sometime very soon! Honestly anything to distract us from the election!

Gaz Man
I was watching the BBC News 24 when the breaking news came on and an UFO crashed into Big Ben my jaw dropped have we finally have contacted with Aliens.

Rabid Vegetarian
Hopefully now we'll all stop eating pork.

Ken L.
Can anyone tell me if this so-called "spaceship" had paid the congestion charge?

I've been employed as Big Ben's time keeper for the past 40 years, and had been working on the clock's timing mechanism (a stack of old pennies, you know) JUST before the spacecraft hit the clock tower. I was about halfway down the stairs when I heard an enormous crash, and upon re-entering the clock room... well... half of it was gone. You can see me on the News 24 footage, standing in the ruins of the clock room looking at what was my job. Annoyingly, my other job was a weekend cleaner at Henriks!

Stuart Harris
I thought Aliens only invaded America? I find it nearly impossible to believe that the capital of england is subject of an invasion!

I was up on the Millenium Eye - perfect view - for a few minutes I thought it was going to hit us ... scary or what. I've seen some soldiers running about with "U.N.I.T" on the uniforms - anyone know what that means ?

Did you see the crash? Tell us here! I was out most of the day and only caught the news at about 7:05 on Sunday night. I've heard that it's Elvis Coming back to Earth. Can anyone else confirm this?

Steve G
Remember that "Martian space-ship" that appeared over Trafalgar Square back in 1997? Well, that turned out to be a hoax, didn't it? I heard the Doctor was involved in that one, too - what is he, some sort of professional fake, like the guys who make crop circles?

James Thorpe-Woods
I saw the spaceship crash into big ben I was right outside the houses of parliment and it was quite frightening. Everyone was running about screaming in panic it was complete chaos. Soon afterwards the army and policemen arrived and wouldn't let anyone anywhere near. There were lots of journalists and photographers pushing and trying to get in and this caused lots of riots. The riot police and army tried to control everything but it turned quite violent. The army seemed determined not to let anyone in and were shouting madly at journalists. The riot police seemed to go mad with rage and began to hit anyone going anywhere near the houses of parliment. The army had to fire shots in the air to get peoples attention and scare them off if they got too near. Is the whole world going crazy? I didn't see the doctor but I' sure this has something to do with him.

King Rollo
Oh come on, aliens who look like pigs? Spaceships by the Thames? You conspiracy nuts are all the same.

Was in London on business when the UFO crashed into the Thames. Thought it was an aircraft at first but the noise was like nothing I've heard before. Took me 10 hours to get back to Manchester - there was chaos around the city.

A soldier told me that it was just an experimental plane that crashed and the pilot was killed. He said they haven't named him yet as his family has to be told. They UFO story started because people panicked!

I live in Scotland but it passed over here and I didnt know which way it was heading. It was colossal

I was sitting in one of the pod things on the london eye when I saw the ship, it crashed into big ben and flew straight into the Themes. It was horrorfying.

Mrs Cook
I saw it all on television! It was just like a movie!!! Does anyone have the Blue Peter recipe for Space Ship Cake?

I was in Aberystwyth watching Football Focus, when they stopped abruptly and went to the news, along with all the other channels! I'm sure it is very excited, but I want to know who Lawro thought would win between Fulham and Man City as I use his prediction at the bookies?

R Smith
I was on a boat trip across the thames with my classmates at the time the ufo landed. There was a loud noise like a very low flying airoplane. people on the boat were screaming and, as it was open top, struggling to get down the stairs. The spaceship hit big ben just as i was going down the stairs, I saw a big cloud of smoke and dust then saw no more.I beleive strongly in aliens but could sombody please explain,how is this doctor involved?

Does anybody know if any of the aliens are single? I broke up with my boyfriend Robbie last week and this would be a good opportunity to get back at him. Imagine his face if he saw me fly off with an alien!!! I think that going to the local cinema in a spaceship is a bit more impressive than being driven around in Robbie's dad's Mazda, dontcha think??? If you're reading this Robbie, I want my Cindy Crawford Workout DVD back!!!

St Stephens tower destroyed, hundreds of years, 2 world wars and the tower, destroyed by a flying pig!

Saw it on the news. Alien? Hah! That's actually what the government want you to believe: that's the real conspiracy, a smokescreen. I expect it was some top-secret prototype military plane (the prototype Stealth Bomber was always being reported as a UFO) that got out of control. The government are quite happy to let you believe that what they're covering up is an alien landing. Who is squidbaby23 and why won't she reveal where she got the pictures from? And honestly: Pigs in Space? Hello? Muppet Show? Sheesh.

Nigel Dawson
I saw somethibg crash into the Thames, everyones saying it's aliens, I'm not convinced, couldn't it be some experimental HUMAN craft?! that THEY don't want us to know they have!!!! Beleive nothing they tell you, especialy Government statements.

I can't believe I missed it ! It looked soo kool!

Warren Cobb
I happened to be looking through my telescope on the balcony when it came into view - I don't know how, but i happened to be looking in the right direction. Whatever that thing was, it came in on a weird course, and it was going slowly enough for me to track it. Something smells fishy to me, and I don't think it is just the Thames. I'm wondering whether this is all just some sort of big publicity stunt, but the spaceship was definitely real enough. [C]

I was glancing at the time and I turned away and suddenly 'BOOOOONG!!! SPPLOOOOOOOOSH!!', I turned back and Big Ben was obliterated and there was something in the water!

One of my friends is a researcher for our local MP, she heard a couple of pretty high-up people discussing the plans for dealing with an alien invasion sthe day BEFORE the crash. I reckon that there is more to this than meets the eye.

An ex-girlfriend from London phoned me when she saw it happened! She was so shocked she threw her Lionel Blair slippers out the window! I told her; when he dies they'll be worth a fortune on e-bay..

I was on the streets doing some shopping and then this UFO comes from the sky and hits Big Ben. I ran to follow it and I heard it crash.

The unknown
I was playing a game on my computer until I heard this noise. It sounded like a helecopter, Just as I looked out of the window thier it was few seconds later gone.

I was there when I saw it crash into Big Ben while I was taking some photos on my visit to London. It was unbelievable. I was never a believer in extra terrestrial life until now, I'm still quite stunned.

POV 99
I'm at my mate Louies flat, lookoing right onto Big Ben, there is still smoke emerging from it. Tried to get near, but it has been quarantined.

I saw the ship fly overhead from my home in Camberwell - terrifying it was! A bit actually dropped off nearby but by the time I got to where it had landed someone else had nicked it.

Caleb Woodbridge
I was visting friends in London and we'd gone to see some sites when it all happened. At first I thought it was some aircraft out of control, and my first reaction was one of fear that it might be a terrorist attack, especially when it hit Big Ben. But as it came down, it was clear it was like nothing on Earth. I can scarcely believe this has really happened - at last, real proof of life on other worlds. What now? Who are they? It's incredible, I still havn't taken it in. It was a nightmare getting out of central London, and I came online as soon as I could, though the news sites seem to be keeping it quiet, but the world has to hear about this!

I heard a loud noise outside that I thought was a low-flying aircraft. When I looked out I saw this strange vehicle heading in the direction of London.

laura e
i couldnt believe what i saw i looked up coz of the loud noise and there it was a ufo!!!me and my sis was speechless.PEACE ON EARTH

yeah, i was out sightseeing when it just chugged overhead, crashed into big ben and landed in the Thames! It was cool! Aliens rock!

David, from Canada
I heard about it while flipping 'round the channels. I thought it was just a promo for some science fiction show at first, but my UK friends won't shut up about it. Gotta wonder if the Yanks are upset that it didn't happen in their backyard...

I saw the crash into Big Ben. Several people got injured by the debris but thankfully no one was hurt. I tried to help a bit but then soldiers made us clear away. I kept my eye out of the Doctor, but no luck. The aliens look like pigs? This is freaky!

I was on my lunch break. First I thought it was a helecopter or something. I looked upwards. It just didn't seem real. Everyone was screaming.

Wow. It was my first visit to London and what an experience! We were having our pictures taken outside the houses of parliament then a massive shadow appeared, we looked up and there it was. I still can't believe it.


I don't believe the aliens landed. I reckon it's just publicity for that new Tom Cruise film. Must have cost a fortune in effects.

Markie, London
I saw the spaceship crash! I was on the Millennium Wheel and could see everything - it just came out of nowhere with a roar. Everyone was screaming because we thought it was going to hit us, but it just about missed, crashing into the side of Big Ben before plunging into the Thames. Don't know what's going to happen now, but I did hear that the Doctor was back and may be involved....

Yes, I saw it fly over my bus. A few seconds later I heard the chime of big ben. Everything came to a standstill. London traffic is bad enough as it is

i was on the tower bridge when it happened!I was in my car, then i heard a sound like a gaint truck,like a american truck,and looked behind me and saw nothing. Then i looked up into the sky and saw it. A giant spaceship flying across the sky and heading for the thames. Then it took a sudden turn and smashed into big ben and hit the bell at exactly 10 o'clock so you thought that the bell had actually rung for 10 o'clock. Then it turned back and crash landed into the thames. from then on, we couldn't go anywhere because of the traffic stop.

OMG! Me and my friends were at Big Ben when the spaceship hit AND MY FRIEND GOT KILLED BY SUM DEBRIS! I'LL KILL THESE ALIENS!!!

I SAW IT! I was walking past Big Ben when the crash happened.

The UFO, if that's what it was, was enormous. Amazing that such a thing could actually fly. It seemed bigger than the houses of parliament, which I saw a wing or outrigger clip as the behemoth descended toward the Thames. Perhaps this time, there will be no cover-up?

I saw it! I was on my way home from work and suddenly heard people shouting and yelling, then suddenly the sky went black as a huge spaceship sped pass my car and eventually went straight into Big Ben. I can still hardly beleive it now!

I was on london bridge at the time. It was incredible. It came smashing through, sending debris evreywhere.I got pictures but my camera was forciably confiscated by armed patrols. I can't beleive it. Aliens have landed. I can't wait to see where the doctor comes into things, but he was on the news earlier going into parliment with Rose!

John Barker
I was actually coming out of Westminster Tube Station, when the spaceship crashed into Big Ben! Minuites later, the army turned up and hurried us all away from the scene, refusing to tell us anything! Does anybody know what's going on?!?

I reckon it's all a hoax to sell us the latest Spielberg film. I mean those pictures of the spacecraft looked fake to me. And that picture of the so-called alien looks like a pig rather than a little green man. Just like the so-called Martians back in '97.

i was working in the House Of Parlament writing up a Important Document when the roof started shaking i thought it was a earthquake but before i new it the millitary was raiding the place. i know as much as you do right now, i just cant belive this is happening.