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Taken Episode Guide - Follow the epic story as it unfolds...

Episode One
  Beyond the Skies

Episode One Picture

Three families embark on an awe-inspiring journey filled with secrets of alien abduction, government conspiracy and tangled familial relations in this epic miniseries.

1947 - Fighter pilot Capt. Russell Keys (Steve Burton) is in the midst of a dogfight over France during World War II when his plane becomes enveloped in a mysterious blue light, saving him and his crew of nine men from certain death. However, none of them have any real memory of what truly happened or how they survived. After the war, Russell tries to return to normal, only to be troubled by bizarre nightmares and headaches. He learns that every other crewmember on his mission has died mysteriously, and feels compelled to begin his own quest for answers. Meanwhile, the unscrupulous Capt. Owen Crawford (Joel Gretsch) leads a government search into what crashed in the desert near his army base in Roswell, New Mexico - and what may have escaped. In nearby Texas, a lonely mother (Catherine Dent) is seduced by a mysterious stranger who is gentle, kind, and not who he seems.

Episode Two
  Jacob and Jesse

Episode Two Picture

Two unusual boys discover their unique destinies and begin to realize their place within the aliens’ master plan.

1958 - Frequent abductee Russell Keys (Steve Burton) fights to keep his 13-year-old son Jesse (James Kirk) from suffering his same fate, once he learns that the boy has also being taken by extraterrestrials. In Roswell, Col. Owen Crawford (Joel Gretsch) has been failing in his mission to discover the secret behind the alien spacecraft he found 10 years earlier. He decides that the answer may lie in Jacob Clarke (Anton Yelchin), Sally’s (Catherine Dent) special young son who seems to possess otherworldly powers.

Episode Three
  High Hopes

Episode 3 Picture

Capt. Owen Crawford (Joel Gretsch) comes up empty in his search for alien-hybrid Jacob Clarke (Anton Yelchin), but his secret government project is rejuvenated after frequent abductee Jesse Keys (James Kirk) pays him a visit.

1962 - Col. Owen Crawford (Joel Gretsch), desperate to save his top-secret UFO project from presidential cancellation, goes hunting for Jacob Clarke (Anton Yelchin). In his travels, he encounters Russell (Steve Burton) and Jesse Keys (James Kirk), who offer themselves for examination in a last-ditch effort to stop the alien abductions.

Episode Four
  Acid Tests

Episode 4 Picture

The sins of the father come to light when Owen Crawford’s (Joel Gretsch) sons take opposite positions on their father’s secret government project.

1970 - Col. Owen Crawford's (Joel Gretsch) sons Eric (Andy Powers) and Sam (Ryan Merriman) rally around their father after his career falls into shambles, but both boys have hidden agendas. An investigation takes Sam to Alaska, where he finds a new truth about the aliens that has dangerous consequences. Meanwhile, an adult Jesse Keys (Desmond Harrington) has returned from Vietnam as a drug addict who is haunted by his past.

Episode Five

Episode 5 Picture

Eric Crawford (Andy Powers) continues his father’s secret government investigation and pursues Jacob Clarke (Chad Donella) and Jesse Keys (Desmond Harrington) for answers about the existence of aliens.

1980 - After 20 years, Jacob Clarke (Chad Donella) returns home to say goodbye to his dying mother, where he finally shares his secret with his brother Tom (Ryan Hurst), a well-known alien debunker.

Meanwhile Eric Crawford (Andy Powers) continues his father’s government investigation with Dr. Chet Wakeman (Matt Frewer). The two pursue Jacob and Jesse Keys (Desmond Harrington), which leads to a catastrophic standoff between the military, the victims and a few unexpected visitors.

Episode Six
  Charlie and Lisa

Episode 6 Picture

The next generation comes into play, as the children of both Jacob Clarke (Chad Donella) and Jesse Keys (Desmond Harrington) become the focus of both a government investigation and alien interest.

1983 - With the deaths of Jesse Keys (Desmond Harrington) and Jacob Clarke (Chad Donella), the aliens begin to focus on their children, Charlie (Adam Kaufman) and Lisa (Emily Bergl). Lisa is protected by the aliens, while Charlie remains the subject of alien study. Eric Crawford's (Andy Powers) cancelled UFO project is revived in 1989, thanks to the scheming of Dr. Chet Wakeman (Matt Frewer), who not only has designs on the aliens but on Eric’s daughter Mary (Heather Donahue) as well.

Episode Seven
  God's Equation

Episode 7 Picture

Charlie (Adam Kaufman) and Lisa (Emily Bergl) learn about their daughter Allie’s (Dakota Fanning) amazing powers while trapped in a perilous situation. Mary Crawford (Heather Donahue) lays the groundwork to snatch the child for government research.

Present Day - After coming to terms with a lifetime of abductions, Charlie learns that he is the father of Lisa's remarkable daughter Allie. Dr. Wakeman (Matt Frewer) and his ruthless young lover Mary Crawford, now head the government UFO project, and they conspire to snatch little Allie for their investigation. While trapped in a perilous situation, Allie discovers powers she never knew she possessed, furthering Mary’s desire to capture the little girl for the good of the project.

Episode Eight
  Dropping the Dishes

Episode 8 Picture

General Beers (James McDaniel) kidnaps Allie (Dakota Fanning), an alien-hybrid, and plans to use her as bait to lure the aliens into his trap.

Present Day - General Beers freezes out Mary (Heather Donahue) and Dr. Wakeman (Matt Frewer), and takes Allie to North Dakota where he uses her as bait to capture the aliens. Mary, Lisa (Emily Bergl) and Charlie (Adam Kaufman) frantically set out to find Allie, although for different reasons. With glowing lights appearing in the sky, the trap is about to be sprung.

Episode Nine

Episode 9 Picture

Allie’s (Dakota Fanning) parents conspire to save their alien-hybrid daughter from the army’s clutches, only to learn just how much power Allie really possesses.

Present Day - An alien ship brought down by the Army's firepower appears to come back to life and take Allie away. However, the scene is a trick that enables Allie to escape with her parents. While being pursued by Mary (Heather Donahue) and Dr. Wakeman (Matt Frewer), the little girl has a unique family reunion.

Episode Ten

Episode 10 Picture

Allie (Dakota Fanning) learns of her true destiny and together the family must make the most difficult decision of their lives.

Present Day - As danger converges on the family farm in Texas, Allie learns of her true destiny. All at once, the decades of secrets unravel, forcing Allie and her family to make the most difficult decision of their lives.