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20 August 2014
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The Next Generation
Holodeck Adventures 2

Half-A-Pound Of Tuppenny Rice!

Data looking puzzeled In the pilot episode, 'Encounter At Farpoint', we get a glimpse of a lush rainforest within the confines of Holodeck 4. It is here that Commander Riker has his first conversation with Data, interrupting the android's attempt at whistling 'Half-a-pound of Tuppenny Rice'. Data's immense strength is also highlighted when he pulls a drenched Wesley Crusher out of the simulated stream. The question we may ask is, why is Wesley still dripping with water when he leaves the holodeck?

Now That's What You Call Jazz!

In the episode '11001001', Commander Riker spends his shore-leave in a holographic reproduction of a New Orleans jazz club called 'The Low Note'. Here he falls for Minuet, a female patron of the bar who is programmed to meet his expectations. Unfortunately, she is only a decoy to keep Riker and Captain Picard in the holodeck while the Enterprise is stolen from Starbase 74. But, for the Commander, she is the perfect partner, something that causes him much anguish when he realises that her programme has vanished without a trace.

The Amazing Detective!

One of Captain Picard's favourite pastimes is to don a 1930's wardrobe and enter the world of Dixon Hill, portraying the detective on at least four notable occasions. In 'The Big Goodbye', his first jaunt as the gumshoe character, Picard enters the holodeck with Data, Dr Crusher and the historian Whalen. However, things soon go wrong when the holodeck malfunctions and Whalen gets shot.

In 'Manhunt', Captain Picard tries to escape the attentions of a promiscuous Lwaxana Troi (Majel Barrett) by hiding in the world of Dixon Hill. However, his attempts at avoiding her prove unsuccessful as she enters the holodeck programme. But luck is on his side as she is so desperate to find a man that she falls in love with the holographic bar-tender instead!

'Clues' sees Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg) join another of Picard's adventures as the detective. The Dixon Hill holodeck programme also makes an appearance in 'Star Trek: First Contact' when the Captain uses it to destroy two Borg.

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