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17 April 2014
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Star Trek | Interviews
Jeri Ryan

Picture Jeri Ryan
As Seven of Nine, Jeri is often considered responsible for saving Voyager from early cancellation. She is certainly popular with fans of the show... and doesn't mind being described as 'whiplash inducing'. She also makes very good pies.

Borg Basics
  What did you know about Voyager before you started?

  Did you have any sense, when you began, of the legacy of Star Trek?

Themes and things
  What did Seven of Nine standd for in Voyager?

Girls on Top
  Strong female roles in the Trek universe

Clever Combination
  Combining non-human qualities with an attractive human appearance - a clever move by the producers?

Dry Borg humour
  Was Seven, like the Doctor, intended to be a source of dry humour for the show?

Acting Challenges
  How did you approach playing someone who is 80 per cent Borg?

Silver suits and high heels
  The infamous Seven of Nine costume

Making it up
  Prosthetics and Borg bits

A monster hit
  Why are the Borg so popular?

Federation Fun
  Fun moments on the Voyager set

  Talking technical

Taking Control
  In one of the season sevenís funniest episodes, the Doctor takes control of Sevenís body, Was that fun?

Star Gazing
  Seven spends a lot of time in the Astrometrics lab. Does astronomy interest you?

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