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22 July 2014
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Star Trek | Interviews
Kate Mulgrew

Picture Kate Mulgrew
Cap'n Kate is the first female captain of a Star Trek series. Soon to appear on the stage as her sound-a-like Katherine Hepburn, she has also acted alongside some famous names - Richard Burton, Danny DeVito and Pierce Brosnan. Her husband is currently running for Governor of Ohio.

Absolute beginner
  What did you know about Star Trek before you started work in the program?

Getting the part of Janeway
  Did you do any research before you had your audition?

  What were the auditions like?

A female captain
  What did you think Star Trek fans would make of a woman captain…?

Men and Women
  Describe the balance of male and female roles during the course of the series. How did that develop?

Janeway and Seven
  How would you describe Janeway’s relationship with Seven of Nine?

  What did you think of all the scientific dialogue? Patrick Stewart wrote it on his fingers.

Favourite technobabble?
  Do you have any favourite technical lines that you had to repeat quite often?

Finding your way around the ship
  How did you feel settling in to your role?

Dramatic devices
  Is it important that all this advanced technology breaks down?

Women in science
  Are you proud to be associated with a TV that inspired lots of young people to do a science career?

The end of Voyager
  Is it too soon to feel a bit of a loss for Voyager?

  Did you like your costume?

  How did you feel about Janeway’s hair?

Working with the camera
  How did you get on with the camera and special effects work?

The Doctor
  Tell us a little bit about the emergency medical hologram.

Attending Conventions.
  Have you attended many conventions?

Responsibiliity to the fans
  Do you feel a heavy responsibility to the fans?

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