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1 August 2014
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Star Trek | Interviews
Dan Curry

Picture Dan Curry
Dan used to be an art teacher. These days, he is in charge of special effects. He has possibly the best job in the world, as he gets to blow up Borg cubes on a regular basis.

Flying Saucer Plus
  How to make the Borg Unimatrix

How Big?
  Tell me about the original design of The Enterprise?

  How much do the models cost to make and what general size are they?

Quo Vadis
  Which is your favourite ship?

No Standard
  Do you have a favourite effect?

Steel Wool
  How long, on average, do you get to create an effect?

Glitter Ball
  How do you make a nebula?

  The Transporter effect, gold flakes in water effect, how has it moved on from there and how did you make the Next Generation Transporter effect?

Yesterday's Enterprise
  You’ve taken shots of rocks in your garden and used those as special effects, tell me about that.

Two Years!
  When were you first asked to create a wormhole effect?

  Do you have much input to keeping the effects accurate?

Not Negative
  What’s the most difficult science problem you’ve had to visualise and make real?

Miniatures to CG
  Was there a significant technological change between Deep Space 9 and Voyager?

  When you began on Deep Space 9, what were your ambitions, having already worked on a series. Were there things you were dying to try out?

Space Nazis
  Describe the concept of Deep Space 9 in terms of the way it was designed.

Sleek and Agressive
  Tell us more about Voyager

Getting Our Act Together
  Describe the concept behind Next Generation, which was of a different time.

Don't Know What You've Got 'Till It's Gone
  The Enterprise-D was a very 80s ship, wasn’t it?

Milk Tears
  How do you make a Vulcan cry?

  What’s your ambition visually for the new series, Enterprise? Is there something that you really want to try out?

  Do you have a particular memory of each series? How do you remember Next Generation and the others in terms of what your department has done?

River of Blood
  From holiday snaps to Klingon hell

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