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28 October 2014
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LeVar Burton

PictureLeVar Burton
LeVar plays Geordi LaForge, the Next Generation's chief engineer. He is now producing and directing his own feature films, and has directed many episodes of Voyager. LaForge was a groundbreaking role, being one of the first disabled regulars on TV.

Military chique

  It’s not just the science community who’ve embraced Star Trek


  As an actor how did you cope with learning lots of very technical lines?

The acting of science

  Which of the science aspects of the show did you find were most fun for you to play with as an actor?


  Are you proud to be associated with a TV show that’s inspired so many people to take a technical science career?

Infinite diversity

  What made you a big fan?

Auditioning for Geordi

  As a fan of the initial series, what was it like when you were auditioning for Next Generation?

Loving the new Trek

  It took some time for the public to take Next Gen to their hearts.

A friendly crew

  Did Next Gen get better as you all became friends?

Group dynamics

  Patrick Stewart said the stars were shining on you as an ensemble group.

Career suicide?

  Are there any frustrations in appearing in a very long running TV series?

The movies

  How do you think the films run in parallel alongside the TV franchise?

The new movie

  So you’re looking forward to getting together with the rest of the cast?

Sexy boy

  What was it like when Patrick was described as one of the fiftiest sexies men in the world?

Do you miss the series?

  How did you feel about other crews taking your space?


  Are you looking forward to the new series, Enterprise? How do you think that’s shaping up now?


  What’s it like acting with a VISOR?

Killer costumes

  Patrick Stewart said the original costumes caused you all lots of pain, is that true?

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