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1 September 2014
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Interviews | Bob Blackman
Enterprise uniforms

What do the uniforms look like for the new series?

Picture On Enterprise it moves closer to our present time, so weíre actually using a lot of natural fibre and a lot of very obvious openings, things weíve never been able to do before. All closures had been secret, essentially, on Star Fleet, how do they get into that thing? Well, your guess is as good as mine, but now, weíve got zippers, buttons, snaps, you know, itís a whole new world for me.

The uniforms are cotton twill, theyíre blue, not black and grey. Itís much more like a NASA flight suit than it is a Star Fleet uniform that we were familiar with. They really have an amazing sense of future - vital, heroic, much more casual.

The overused world - a sexiness to them, which does not necessarily mean, physical sex, but a kind of thing Ė a sensual quality in the ease in which they appear to be. Theyíre as uncomfortable as any of the other uniforms I have ever done. But because they canít be loose and sloppy, they have to be close to the body. But itís just how it is. Itís all about image, itís not about, necessarily, the reality of the picture.

We have a female Vulcan character, and she has her away jackets made of some new fibre. The Sulaban definitely are made of stuff thatís not even manufactured on the market, itís very weirdly organic and yet terribly slightly distastefully technically synthetic, itís weird. I like it.

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