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25 April 2014
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The Simpsons | Episode Guide | Season Ten
They Saved Lisa's Brain

Lisa learns that no one likes a smartass.

Episode AABF18
Written by Matt Selman
Directed by Pete Michels
Also starring: Tress MacNeille
Special guest voice: Stephen Hawking (as himself)

Premise: Worried about her intelligence not being recognised or put to good use, Lisa is overjoyed to be welcomed into MENSA. However, when they decide that the best thing they can do is run Springfield themselves, the group fractures and riots ensue.

Features: Mr Burns, Smithers, Carl, Lenny, Moe, Barney, barflies, Patty, Selma, Grampa, Jasper, Kent Brockman, Chief Wiggum, Mrs Wiggum, Lou, Eddie, Skinner, Ms Krabappel, Miss Hoover, Groundskeeper Willie, Otto, Milhouse, Nelson, Jimbo, Kearney, Ralph, Snake, Rev. Lovejoy, Helen Lovejoy, Ned Flanders, Maude Flanders, Mr van Houten, Mrs van Houten, Ruth Powers, Dr Hibbert, Quimby, Hans Moleman, Android's Dungeon Guy, Krusty, Sideshow Mel, Rainier Wolfcastle, Apu, Manjula, Sanjay, Dr Frink, Captain McCallister, Spotty Boy, Herman, Cletus, Bill and Marty from KBBL.

Couch: The couch is sunk by an iceberg and only Maggie survives.


  • Discretion Guaranteed is written in huge letters on the side of the photography van.
  • Dr Hibbert is originally from Alabama, and Springfield is 299th on the list of America's most desirable cities, just below Dawson's Creek.
  • Springfield has eight malls, 32 bars and 13 stores that begin with 'Le Sex'.
  • It has no alternative theatre, no symphonies, and the library's reference department has been replaced by an air hockey table and a make-your-own coffee bar.
  • On TV, Homer watches Ethnic Mismatch Comedy Series #644 (which is full of Viagra jokes, much to Marge's amusement), repeats of the Princess of Wales's funeral, and a show called How Low Will You Go, sponsored by Grandma Plopwell's Pudding. Homer takes part, obviously.
  • He wears a suit made of popcorn, Bart dresses as Bartman, Barney drinks a six-pack in one go (he actually intended to juggle chickens), and Moe is going to sing like Shirley Temple.
  • Others lined up to do their acts include Mr Burns and Smithers as a pantomime horse, Kirk van Houten as a baby, Apu as a holy cow, and Lenny comes dressed as a urinal!
  • Homer poses in the house to I'm Too Sexy, an inexplicable 1991 hit for Right Said Fred.

Notes for Brits: Madeleine Albright, seen here judging the contest, was the current US Secretary of State.

Look out for: Bart riding naked on a wild hog. Later it is riding him!

Notes: It is Stephen Hawking's cameo that saves this retread of Lisa the Simpson from being very boring. Once we're past the How Low Will You Go show, the episode takes a nose-dive until the last few minutes. Very, very tedious.

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