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1 September 2014
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The Simpsons | Episode Guide | Season Ten
Simpsons Bible Stories

The good book leads to bad dreams.

Episode AABF14
Written by Tim Lung, Larry Doyle and Mart Selman
Directed by Nancy Kruse
Also starring: Pamela Hayden, Tress MacNeille, Russi Taylor, Karl Weidergott
Special guest voice: Marcia Wallace (as Ms Krabappel)

Premise: As the Simpsons fall asleep listening to Rev. Lovejoy's interminable sermons, they each dream a new variation of traditional tales from the Great Book.

Features: Carl, Lenny, Moe, Grampa, Jasper, Chief Wiggum, Lou, Eddie, Agnes Skinner, Skinner, Mr Largo, Groundskeeper Willie, Otto, Milhouse, Martin, Nelson, Sherri and Terri, Lewis, Richard, Wendell, Ralph, Janey, Allison, Snake, Rev. Lovejoy, Helen Lovejoy, the Flanderses, Mr van Houten, Ruth Powers, Dr Hibbert, Dr Frink, Krusty, Dr Nick Riviera.

Couch: The family run in and slip up on banana skins.


  • Marge's dream sees her as Eve, with Homer as Adam, and Ned as God in the Garden of Eden. Unsurprisingly, Snake is the serpent.
  • Homer refers to what happens as Applegate, and God is very upset with them for causing the death of Gary, his unicorn. Homer's dream is a brief one that sees him as King Solomon, with Chief Wiggum as his Chief Guard.
  • Lisa's dream places Milhouse as Moses, Skinner as Pharaoh, Ms Krabappel as Queen Krabapatra, Wiggum again as the Chief Guard and Willie as the slave driver. Lisa and everyone else are Milhouse's fellow slaves driven to fleeing across the Red Sea.
  • In Bart's dream, he is King David to Nelson's Goliath, with Krusty as the jester, Grampa as Methuselah and Ralph as Ralph who likes Bart 'because you kill people'. Nelson then returns to life as a demonised Goliath to the strains of Mussorgsky's St John's Night on the Bare Mountain.
  • Outside the church, by the way, is the announcement that Christ Dyed Eggs for your Sins.
  • The episode plays out to Highway to Hell, a 1979 hit for Australian rockers AC/DC.

Homage: Every biblical epic movie you've ever seen, but particularly The Ten Commandments (Cecil B. DeMille, 1956) for the parting of the Red Sea sequence.

Look out for: Too many classic moments, but amongst the best is Homer claiming the burning bush set him up, Wiggum telling Moses and Lisa to give his regards to the British Museum as he seals them inside a tomb, and Marge asking Bart if he's wearing clean underwear as they face the apocalypse. 'Not anymore,' he replies.

Notes: A fantastic twist of the Treehouse of Horror style of storytelling, where each of these is a classic on its own. This is The Simpsons at its very best: inventive, irreverent and very, very funny.

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