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1 September 2014
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The Simpsons | Episode Guide | Season One
Homer's Odyssey

Homer becomes a campaigner for safety.

Episode 7G03
Written by Jay Kogen and Wallace Wolodarsky
Directed by Wesley Archer
Also starring: Christopher Collins, Pamela Hayden, Sam McMurray, Russi Taylor
Special guest voice: Marcia Wallace (as Ms Krabappel)

Premise: Homer is fired from his job as technical supervisor at the Springfield nuclear plant. Unable to provide for his family, he contemplates ending it all - until he discovers a new life path as a campaigner for safety.

Features: Ms Krabappel, Milhouse, Sherri and Terri, Wendell, Moe, Barney, Mr Burns. The screening of episodes out of production order pre-empts a brilliant introductory scene for Mr Burns in this episode - the camera pulls out from the crowd of protestors outside the plant and finds him standing looking down at them from his office, the angle of the shot emphasising his massive cranium and villainous expression.

Couch: The Simpsons hit the sofa with such force that it collapses.

And introducing: Otto, Smithers (who appears very tanned), Moe's two barflies, Mr and Mrs Winfield, Wiggum, and Jasper. It's hard to tell, but the guy who nearly runs Homer down looks like Hans Moleman.


  • Homer watches Loaf Time: The Cable Network for the Unemployed.
  • There's El Barto graffiti on both the school and the city hall.
  • Apart from the waste dump and tyre yard, Springfield has a state prison. The guard at the gate is watching Krusty on TV.
  • Homer eats frosty doughnuts.
  • We get our first glimpse of the three-eyed fish and see a Duff Beer commercial.
  • Bart's report card states that he has U grades in Science, Reading and Writing, Fs in Social Studies and Math, and a D for Physical Ed.
  • Marge used to be a roller waitress at Berger's Burgers.

Homage: Playing in Moe's Tavern during Homer's darkest hour is Patsy Cline's 1961 hit I Fall To Pieces.

Notes for the Uneducated: John Henry Was A Steel Driving Man is a folk song dating from the nineteenth century.

Hello, can I speak to: I. P. Freely.

That's Homer Simpson, sir: 'He used to work here in the plant.'

Notes: More of the series' framework is established, with the first of many employment problems for Homer. The story rather fizzles out at the end, but there are many good moments, especially in the power plant.

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