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28 October 2014
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Mr Spock

Mr Spock

Half human, half Vulcan, is Spock your logical choice?

Science Officer aboard the USS Enterprise, Spock's deep understanding of glowing energy fields frequently saved his shipmates' lives. He died once but, thankfully, got better...

The vote has now ended.

Adam Woodyatt

Why Spock should prosper, by EastEnders' Adam Woodyatt.

For Mr Spock not to win Top Screen Scientist, it would be illogical.

On numerous occasions he has saved not only his Ship and Crewmates but entire Galaxies with incisive logic based on scientific reasoning, although he did once go with a hunch. He has had to not only battle Aliens from far-flung quadrants, but also deliver believably some of the most baffling techno babble ever written on the small screen. In one memorable episode his brain was stolen but he still managed to communicate telepathically with his crewmates and help Dr McCoy restore his brain to his body!

Half Human and Half Vulcan, Mr Spock was always fighting to suppress his human emotions but every now and again they did and provided many memorable moments.

If 79 episodes and numerous disaster ridden story lines were not enough to cement Mr Spock's place in screen science folk lore, he and the rest of the Crew briefly returned in an animated series before they came to the silver screen in 1980. Here is where Mr Spock excelled himself, going where no man (or Vulcan) had gone before.

In Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Spock returned from the wilderness of Vulcan, having tried to pass the Kohlinar and purge himself of all emotions, to save Earth from V'ger.

In Star Trek II, he saves his friends by sacrificing himself, "As the needs of the many outweigh the need of the few". Having died and been buried on the Genesis Planet he was reborn in Star Trek III, and his friends risked Court Martial to save him as they decided, "The needs of the one outweighed the needs of the many".

Live long and prosper.

Adam Woodyatt

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