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28 October 2014
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The Doctor


It's about time you backed the Time Lord.

A renegade time traveller with a penchant for facelifts, the Doctor roams the Universe in his trusty TARDIS, battling evil in all its many forms.

The vote has now ended.

Terrance Dicks

Why it's time for the Doctor to win, by prolific Doctor Who writer and scipt editor Terrance Dicks.

The greatest, most popular scientist of the screen? Surely there can be only one possible candidate. The Doctor! Doctor Who - not his name, but the title of the television programme that records his adventures.

All the others, from Frankenstein to Spock, not to mention the infamous Frank 'N' Furter are merely admirers and disciples.

A wandering and often fugitive Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, the Doctor abandoned his own rigidly hierarchical society after a lifetime of service. In the later years of his first incarnation, he stole an obsolete type-forty TARDIS and began to roam the cosmos in search of adventure.

Like all Time Lords, the Doctor can regenerate once his body becomes too old and worn-out, or too badly wounded to go on. His personae have ranged from crotchety old sage, dandy, cosmic clown, bohemian eccentric, diffident cricketer, colourful blusterer, devious cynic and romantic hero. Eight so far, with a ninth on the way.

In his battles against cosmic evil the Doctor has encountered - and defeated many monstrous enemies: Daleks, Cybermen, Autons, Sontarans, Ice Warriors and many others. Not forgetting his alter-ego and best enemy, the villainous Master.

Long ago I wrote a brief description of the Doctor. I like to think that it still holds good today.

Much has changed about the Doctor over the years but much has remained the same. Despite the superficial differences in appearance, at heart, or rather at hearts (the Doctor has two) his character is remarkably consistent.

He is still impulsive, idealistic, ready to risk his life for a worthy cause. He still hates tyranny and oppression and anything that is anti-life. He never gives in and he never gives up, however overwhelming the odds against him.

The Doctor believes in good and fights evil. Though often caught up in violent situations, he is a man of peace. He is never cruel or cowardly.

In fact, to put it simply, the Doctor is a hero. These days there aren't so many of them around.

Terrance Dicks

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