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18 June 2014
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Kingdom Hospital

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Kingdom HospitalAs her doll reveals clues as to Mary's past, attorney Sheldon Fleischer schemes to move himself to the top of the organ transplant list.

Written by: Richard Dooling
Directed by: Craig Baxley

With attorney Sheldon Fleischer desperately searching for an organ donor, Christa's cryptic tip leads Peter to find that Mary's doll is hiding a cache of old newspaper stories that tell of the 1869 fire that swept through the mill that once stood on the hospital site - and of seven children whose remains were never found.

As Stegman continues to try and protect his car by parking it atop the hospital's heli-pad, Elmer worries about being found responsible for stealing the head of Frank Schweigen's corpse. And when the Antubis intervenes on Fleischer's behalf, a botched suicide brings multi-millionaire Benton Knight to the Kingdom to have his organs harvested.

As Stegman celebrates the publication of a journal article that was actually written by Chris, he is enlisted for the surgical team that is operating on the brain-dead tycoon. While the Antubis answers Fleischer's prayers with a TV news story announcing the suicide attempt, the newspaper articles help Mrs. Druse identify the young ghost as Mary Jensen. But after she sends Bobby in search of more information about the little girl, Steg has Mrs. Druse confined to a hospital bed.

Although Elmer remains determined to woo Lona, she insists that he take his place in the sleep lab for the next round of observations. But when she considers turning the tables on him by pretending to be dead, Lona is stunned when just thinking about the prank draws her into Elmer's hyperactive, erotic dream world.

Finally, as Fleischer offers to pay Stegman handsomely for Knight's heart, a concern for his own life prompts Pedersen to try and kill the desperate lawyer. Yet, after Pedersen is shot dead by his police guard, Fleischer finally gets the heart, but only after it's been mauled by Otto's dog.

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