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18 June 2014
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Kingdom Hospital

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Kingdom HospitalA heart attack sends a philandering attorney to Kingdom.

Written by: Richard Dooling
Directed by: Craig Baxley

As seismologist Richard Schwarzton's alcohol-induced delirium has left him hypersensitive to the spirit world roiling below the Kingdom, accusations of a sexual impropriety with an employee give attorney Sheldon Fleischer a heart attack. But with his reputation as a ruthless litigator putting the staff on guard, Fleischer must lay there listening to them discuss the precautions necessary to avoid a lawsuit.

Meanwhile, as Steg reassures the hospital's lawyer that no evidence in the Klingerman case has been destroyed, Abel and Christa successfully conspire to land Chris in bed with Hook.

Upon seeing Rolf Pedersen's charred body, Natalie Rickman insists that the killer not be allowed back into a room with her husband who, though unable to speak, does start communicating with drawings. And while Hook is skeptical, he's stunned when Natalie produces her comatose husband's picture of Mrs. Druse. Meanwhile, one look at Dr. Schwarzton leads Steg to conclude that he isn't likely to do anything about the earthquakes anytime soon - even as James tries reassuring everyone that they can be explained.

And as Schwarzton is moved into the bed next to Peter, Fleischer fakes unconsciousness so he can eavesdrop on Hook as he explains the difficulties in obtaining a new heart.

Worried that his wife will learn of the sexual harassment accusations, Fleischer calls his office for an update. Upon being told that the firm is being sued, he demands that his partner, Geoffrey Wilkster, track down a heart on the black market. After Peter sketches a striking likeness of Mary, Mrs. Druse sends her son in search of the little girl's hospital records.

Finally, while Stegman again takes Hook to task for believing that the hospital might be haunted, Schwarzton continues to rant about the supernatural forces below as Fleischer is placed in a room with Pedersen.

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