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18 June 2014
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Kingdom Hospital

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Kingdom HospitalMrs. Druse's séance sends a rescue party back in time to try and alter the Kingdom's tragic course of history.

Written by:Stephen King
Directed by: Craig Baxley

With increasingly-frequent earthquakes signaling the approach of Kingdom Hospital's final hours, Dr. Schwarzton tries to warn Stegman of the impending danger. Gathering together a collection of true believers in the Sleep Lab, Mrs. Druse enlists Peter to navigate through the supernatural portal to the hospital's past and reveal the truth about its troubled history. However, refusing to appreciate the gravity of Schwarzton's warnings, Stegman is determined to exact revenge from Christa and Abel, and anyone else he deems responsible for the destruction of his prized car.

As Peter makes both Mary and the Antubis visible, Mrs. Druse begins describing how, many years ago, Ebenezer Gottreich and his foreman, Hagarty, conspired to burn down the mill for the insurance money. Yet, having seen them setting the blaze, it was left to the Antubis' furry alter ego, Anubis, to sound the alarm and make sure that Mary, the mill's young timekeeper, got out alive. Meanwhile, as Druse continues to unveil her tale of the Kingdom's grisly past, Stegman ignores Schwarzton's warnings and maniacally continues his search for Abel and Christa.

After helping her escape into the nearby woods to spend the night, the Antubis gives Mary a newspaper account of the deadly blaze that lists her among the missing. However, when Mary returns to find him lying to the press about the cause of the fire, Ebenezer realizes how much her survival risks exposure for him and Hagarty, and turns to his brother, Dr. Klaus Gottreich, to perform memory-erasing brain surgery on the little girl.

Resorting to drastic measures to stop the Kingdom's destruction, Mrs. Druse convinces Peter, Elmer, Abel, Christa, Hook, and Chris to get injections of an experimental drug that puts them into a communal dream state and sends them back in time to alter the hospital's destiny. However, as they slip into Swedenborgian Space - the supernatural interface between the present and the past where they will try to save Mary from Dr. Klaus Gottreich's scalpels - an armed and dangerous Stegman bursts into the Sleep Lab seeking revenge. But when the Antubis stops him by biting off his hand, Steg is pulled by Peter into the séance and sent back in time with Mrs. Druse and her "posse."

As Steg struggles to understand his predicament, Mrs. Druse pushes her rescue mission deeper into the Swedenborgian realm to save Mary. While a vending machine dispenses refreshing drinks to everyone else, it gives Peter a mysterious piece of chalk that allows him to draw pictures that are clues to their ultimate destination. And as Lona, Louis, Bobby, and Otto wait anxiously in the Sleep Lab for their safe return, the rescue party finds Mary and, with help from Anubis, they witness Gottreich and Hagerty's arson.

Emerging from a trance in which he relived the accident that sent him to the Kingdom, Peter follows Mrs. Druse's orders and uses his chalk to draw a fire extinguisher that he uses to douse the flames and save the children. Finally, having altered the course of history, the rescuers are returned to a future where Mary's testimony against Gottreich made her a hero and forever changed the Kingdom's destiny.

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