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18 June 2014
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Kingdom Hospital

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Kingdom Hospital | Episodes
On the Third Day
Kingdom HospitalReverend Jimmy's crucifixion sparks a series of miracles.

Written by: Tabitha King and Stephen King
Directed by: Craig Baxley

Though crucified near his homeless mission across from the Kingdom, the lifeless body of the Reverend Jimmy Criss still seems capable of performing some startling miracles. After a crowd of the homeless takes the body back to the mission where Danny and Liz help clean him up, spontaneous prayer erupts when a faucet begins producing wine instead of water.

And as the miracles attract crowds of true believers, onlookers, and media, Reverend Jimmy is brought to the Kingdom where Stegman quickly dismisses predictions that the preacher will rise from the dead. Meanwhile, as Schwartzton begins to detect signals that foretell another earthquake, Mary uses Peter's comatose body to help answer Mrs. Druse's questions about the hospital's eerie history.

As Lona and Dr. Henry Havens begin their autopsy in the Kingdom's basement morgue, an earthquake leaves them, Otto, and the Reverend Jimmy's corpse trapped. After Mrs. Druse's sandwich order for the mission ends up being way too small, another miracle results in enough food for everyone. Meanwhile, wanting to bury the incriminating Klingerman anesthesia report, Stegman bribes Brenda in order to insure that it never sees the light of day.

Yet, determined to use the same report to bring down Stegman, Hook enlists Elmer to help steal it. And as the miracles continue at the mission, the Antubis helps bring Reverend Jimmy's corpse back to life.

While Havens, Otto, and Lona help guide the rescuers, as thousands gather outside, Schwarzton warns Nat to take her husband out of the hospital to protect him from the catastrophe that is about to strike. While Nat is certain that he cannot be moved, Peter learns of the impending danger from Mary. And in one final miracle, Lona, Otto and Havens watch in amazement as Jimmy rises from the dead and then disappears, leaving behind only the image of his face on his death shroud.

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