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18 June 2014
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Kingdom Hospital

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Kingdom Hospital
Episode Guide
Main cast

The complete guide to Kingdom Hospital. Catch up on episodes you may have missed with our handy synopses.

Please note that these synopses will be added as new episodes are aired on BBC3. BBC2 episodes are shown one week after their BBC3 debut.

Please note that due to European Election coverage, Black Noise will now premiere on BBC3 on 20th June 2004.

Thy Kingdom Come

  Spirits haunt a hospital that sits upon the site of a tragic mill fire.

Death's Kingdom

  As an accident lands Rickman's assailant in his hospital room, Stegman insists that Hook discharge Mrs. Druse.

Goodbye Kiss

  As Mrs. Druse and Hook try to contact the hospital's ghosts, a convicted murderer arrives as part of his deviously planned prison break.

West of Midnight

  Mrs. Druse prompts a dying patient to help her contact Mary's ghost.

Hook's Kingdom

  As Hook shows Chris his home deep inside the bowels of an old hospital, Stegman carelessly polishes up his surgical techniques on a homeless patient.

The Young and the Headless

  As Rolf is pressed to do away with Peter and Mrs. Druse, Stegman's induction into the hospital's secret fraternity sends him running into Kingdom's basement of horrors

Black Noise

  A heart attack sends a philandering attorney to Kingdom.


  As her doll reveals clues as to Mary's past, attorney Sheldon Fleischer schemes to move himself to the top of the organ transplant list.


  Peter and Mary team up to save a suicidal veteran baseball player from being banished to the Kingdom's subterranean spirit world.

On the Third Day

  Reverend Jimmy's crucifixion sparks a series of miracles.

Seizure Day

  Their respective searches for an incriminating report continue to pit Hook against Stegman.

Shoulda Stood in Bed

  Mrs. Druse is summoned for a séance to head off an earthquake; the truth jeopardizes Stegman's career.


  Mrs. Druse's séance sends a rescue party back in time to try and alter the Kingdom's tragic course of history.

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