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28 October 2014
Jonathan Creek

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Jonathan Creek | Episode Guide
The Curious Tale of Mr Spearfish
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Guest stars Griff Rhys Jones, Debbie Arnold and Stuart Milligan.

Directed by Keith Washington

First transmitted 27th November 1999

Ratings 11.02 million
The Puzzle:
Lenny Spearfish has had an impressive run of good luck. He's become an instant millionaire after discovering ancient treasure in his back garden, survived a shooting at point blank range, and seen an assassin collapse and die in front of his very eyes. And all he had to do was sell his soul to the devil...

When Jonathan and Maddy meet Spearfish and his deeply religious wife Alice through mutual friends, they are intrigued by his story, but suspicious nonetheless.

When Lenny strikes gold again, this time through dabbling in the stock market in a deal that may threaten his marriage, the investigators suspect he may be getting help from somewhere other than Hell. [Solution]
Five quick questions to test your knowledge of the episode.
Alan Davies
"That was the one where there was a guy who had sold his soul to the devil, I think. That was a very spooky episode. I do prefer the more conventional locked room stuff, but you never quite know what David's going to come up with in terms of mysteries.

"I'm always intrigued by the stories. David is a great storyteller, and they're unusually expertly put together. The range of characters we've had over the years - I think there have been 25 episodes now - has been extraordinary."
David Renwick
"I suppose it's worth mentioning the provenance of the whole strand about Maddy being convinced she was Jewish. There's been always this conviction that I'm Jewish. Maybe I'm a 16th Jewish or something on my mother's side and don't know about it. That became a little facet of my own experience that I fed back into the show. We got a couple of nice laughs out of that.

"This also led to Creek spotting a Rabbi in the courthouse, and the whole business of the genetics of the girl and her eye colour.

"I got a letter from someone whose daughter's eye colour didn't match her parents in exactly the same way that Alice's didn't. She took great exception to this because she thought, 'My daughter's going to go around at school now with everyone having seen Jonathan Creek last night, accusing her of not being our natural daughter.' I thought, 'Oh God, I've done my best with the probabilities of the genetics of this situation, but I can't be answerable for every kind of eventuality!'

"But you do get those things. You get complaints from the Alopecia lobby over the bald girl in Time Waits for Norman saying, 'This is not a subject for humour," and you think, "Well, it is - it was very funny.'"
Jonathan Geek:
Jonathan is predictably punctilious about laundry, as was hinted in Mother Redcap when he gave Maddy some slightly sneering advice on the subject. Here we see him prissily doing Maddy's ironing. Sadly, his knowledge of washing surpasses his knowledge of women's underthings, and he ends up ironing and starching Maddy's bra, with uncomfortable consequences.

Car trouble:
For all his mastery of technology, Jonathan has never learned to drive. When Jonathan Creek began, Caroline Quentin could barely drive either, leading to much terror amongst cast and crew whenever she got behind the wheel.
The Solution: (point your mouse over the space below)
Unknown to her, Alice is the daughter of a very important member of society, possibly royalty. Her benefactor had simply been engineering ways of taking care of her financial security without making her aware of what is happening.

Lenny's pact with the devil turned out to have nothing to do with anything. The box of jewels was planted, the 'bullet holes' were simply cigarette burns from a hazy but kinky night of passion with a call girl, and the dying assassin was taken out with a taser used by people working for his wife's benefactor.

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